A Magical High School Girl Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: A Magical High School Girl 
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 A Magical High School Girl Cheats

A Magical High School Girl

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Anonymous Magicite Keyword:
Type this Keyword into the Anonymous Magicite to create your own magic. 
The magic will be stronger if you name it longer than usual.

Code                Effect
Law Suit          - Advance Spell (2~3 panels in front of you).
Madness/Raging    - Berserk (Potency will increase as HP decreases.).
Chain, Bind       - Bind Enemy.
Blind             - Blind Enemy (learn from Tricky Witch when you get to the 10th 
                    stage of first dungeon).
Bomb              - Bomb.
Fate Hand         - Boost Power.
Meltdown          - Burn.
Eagle             - Chance to deal critical damage.
Refresh           - Cure all your status aliments.
Bless Shield      - Damage Cut Off.
Dark / Evil       - Dark / Evil Magic (Have Higher damage than other).
Crazy             - Dealing damage on yourself (if you try to make a strong magic 
                    with logical mind then you can make a magic like kamikaze in FF8).
Multi             - Double attack.
Earth, Gaia       - Earth Magic.
Silence           - Enemy can't use magic to attack you.
Fan               - Fan.
Hammer / Meteor   - Far Square.
Fire, Flame       - Fire magic.
Vanish / Unicorn  - Front.
Death             - Have a chance to cause Instant death on Enemy.
Heal              - Heal your MP (you need HP for recover MP, so when you use this 
                    magic, your HP will instantly drop 1~2 down depending on how strong 
                    the Effect).
Ragnarok          - High level magic, 3 turns casting spell allow you destroy everything 
                    around you.
Missile           - Homing.
Holy; Light       - Light Magic (Have Higher damage than other).
Yoyo              - Magical Barrier + Counter.
Pandora Box       - Physical Barrier + Counter.
Blast             - Push.
Quick             - Reduce Cast time but alway limit magic level at 1.
Lucky 7           - RemoveBuff.
Map               - Reveal Everything on the map (Item, mob, entire map).
Landmine          - Set mine in front of you.
                    (can be combine with other magic for the greater good).
Firewall          - Setup.
Drain             - Slightly Chance of Absorb Enemy's MP.
Giga Slave        - Slow Cast time magic, create strong Dark blast in front of you.
Ultima            - Slow Cast time magic, create strong fire blast in front of you.
Slow              - Slow enemy down.
Haste             - Speed Boost Magic (x2 your casting speed).
Storm, Wind       - Storm Magic.
Giga/Mega         - Strengthen your magic but increase the cast time and the cost.
Gravia            - Summon an exploding jester.
Evil End          - Summon Dark version of Skeleton, more HP and more stronger.
Balloon           - Teleport you to random location (this is use as escaping method).
Wide              - Wide.

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