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 Actua Soccer 3 Cheats

Actua Soccer 3

Cheat Codes:
On the main screen press enter than the cheat code then enter
again and Barry Davies should be heard calling you a cheat!

Code               TEAM ACTIVATED
spit n spin      - Actua Soccer Web 
tff hobby        - Boat Racers  
bin man          - Food Group  
london girls     - Arsenal Ladies  
shame            - Doncaster Rovers  
no thanks        - Top 50 Babes 2  
yes please       - Top 50 Babes 1  
chip butty       - Virtual Blades  
cpu spud         - Pattis Shandi Men  
double trouble   - Gremlin Staff 2  
wide boys        - Gremlin Staff 1  
candy man        - Dicks Pick N Mix  
shadwell town    - The Hardmen  
miss wilko       - Dud's Spuds  
flagstoning      - Fighting Forth  
lee the pig      - Heavenly HTFC  
sink or swim     - Ledbury FC  
impossibility    - Maddness Friday 
ozone layer      - Greenhouse Test  
grim reaper      - Skellington United  
metal heads      - Cyborg Rovers  
i made this      - FC Gremlin  
sexy football    - Shearer XXX  
rule brittania   - 5 Nations Select  
egg chasers      - Wigan 98-98  
bald fritz       - Classic Ipswitch  
valley boys      - Charlton Stars  
diamond lights   - Best Of Spurs  
duncnnomore      - Everton Stars  
men in tights    - Forest Stars  
barmy army       - Wednesday Stars  
emmersons woe    - Boro Stars  
lady godiva      - Coventry Stars  
dell boys        - Soton Stars  
fash the cash    - Dons Stars  
down the toon    - Newcastle Stars  
bit of claret    - Villa Stars  
fruit n veg      - Leicester Stars  
wright buy       - West Ham Stars  
ram raiders      - Derby Stars  
tea total        - Arsenal 70-90  
bremners boot    - Leeds Stars  
scouse perms     - Liverpool 77-98  
foreign legion   - Chelsea Stars  
down down down   - Blackburn 94-95  
sir matt         - Busby Babes  
prem clubs       - 24 teams in team creation screen
tff teams        - 24 funny teams in team creation screen.

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