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  Hints and Tips for: Aircraft Carrier Survival 
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 Aircraft Carrier Survival Cheats

Aircraft Carrier Survival

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Getting Extra DC Teams, and How to Use Orders:
Written by Nepthys.

Earlier I mentioned that you can have five DC teams by having five crew 
portraits in the DC Department. However, what if your Crew Quarters 
section is on fire? If so, all those slots are locked, and you would 
have no DC at all. Thankfully, this is not the case! You can have up to 
three further DC teams, regardless of how much your carrier is on fire. 
This also means that, when your Crew Quarters are intact, you can have 
up to eight DC teams, if you so choose.

-=Island switches for +1 DC team=-
In the Island view, there is a range of rooms and your officers. Each 
room can be set to one of several settings, that allow different ship 
functions, aerial missions, and so on. To change a room setting, you 
have to have an officer in the room, then you can click the button. 
Your officer does not have to stay once you have changed the setting, 
they can go on to another room!

For DC purposes, the important room is the Navigation Room. By changing 
to the third setting, you gain +1 DC team, regardless of any damage you 
may have. Note that changing this setting will prevent you from changing 
your navigation Waypoints, until you change the setting back.

-=Damage Control order for +2 DC teams=-
You can also use an order to give you +2 DC teams for four hours. In 
the bottom left of the screen is a blank button (marked in yellow below). 
Click this, and it will bring up the orders menu. Click the Damage Control 
option (marked in green) to activate the order and get the extra DC teams.

-=Orders in Depth=-
The Orders system has some extra considerations and can cause some confusion. 
First of all, you can only issue one order at a time, and each prevents you 
from using any other orders for a duration. Some planning may be needed in 
complicated situations.

Additionally, settings in the Island may prevent using certain Orders.

Looking at the teaching of the orders in the capture above, there are 
numbers in the orange and blue boxes. These refer to Navy or Air ‘points’ 
– orange and blue respectively. To use the Damage Control order, you need 
at least two Navy ‘points’. To Resupply, you need at least one of each.

To get these points, you need to have the right officers in the right 
types of rooms. On the left of the screen, you can see the officer cards. 
Each has a blue or orange marker (or both) showing which types of points 
they can contribute. When an officer with a blue marker is in a blue room
on the island, you get one point. Likewise for orange officers in orange 

Below you can see the Navigation Room highlighted. There is a small orange 
icon next to the name, and the room is bordered in orange. If you put an 
officer with an orange marker in here, you will get one Navy ‘point’.

Note: the ‘points’ are not consumed when you use an order. They just prevent 
you from using orders unless you have officers stationed in appropriate rooms. 
Think of them more as your officers focusing on Naval or Aerial aspects of 
the ship, giving you the resources to supervise complex actions such as a 
resupply operation.

-=Dealing with Widespread Damage=-
This section is very much just me talking about some of my thinking when 
dealing with widespread damage in this game. It may or may not be useful, 
or valid in future versions.

Even before you take damage – if there is an airstrike coming in that you 
cannot block completely, consider toggling the island switch and/or using 
the Damage Control order in order to get the DC teams ready beforehand. 
Moving crew portraits between departments takes time before you get the 
DC teams, so you might not have them ready when you need them.

Prioritizing – assess what you need to focus on with your DC teams. I would 
generally focus on Crew Quarters, as damaging or losing this section would 
reduce my ability to deploy DC teams. But, depending on what else is going
on, the Pilots, Engines, or Generators might all be important, or possibly 
other rooms.

Focus fire first – I mentioned this earlier in the guide. Fire spreads 
enthusiastically in a carrier, whereas standard damage is immobile. Flooding, 
by comparison, spreads a little slower and appears to be limited to the lower 
decks, making it somewhat less dangerous. Large fires can be more easily 
combated with multiple DC teams in one area, working down the length of a 
deck. This can help reduce the reignitions you get as you work through the 

Strategic flooding – since flooded sections won’t burn, you can theoretically 
use flooded sections to shield other areas. For example, if most of your lower 
deck is flooded, you could consider pumping out the center sections, but leave 
rooms on either end till later. The key benefit of doing this is that you can 
quickly reduce the number of damaged rooms on the carrier if you are getting 
close to the 50% limit before sinking.

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