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  Hints and Tips for: AirMech Strike 
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 AirMech Strike Cheats

AirMech Strike

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Tips & Tricks:
Tank units get more damage from the back.

In general, everything has different armoring depending on every direction.

Shooters will attack and eliminate any threat above every command.

Healing units can detect mines, traps and disarm them.

A half damaged unit, is a half death unit.

Holding units over a base heals them in exchange of base energy.

Armor on a unit is vital for it’s survival rate, but not necessarily.

Using turrets on sockets auto heals them. And grants a small buff.

Did you know, the fortress has four sockets on it’s own.

You can scrap dying and useless units for credits by holding it over one of your 
bases and pressing and holding space button.

Assassins and Butchers have high damage output, but only if they can get close enough.

One healing unit is a sad and lonely healing unit.

No unit is obsolete. Even probe has it’s uses. Experiment.

Training with Natasha might prove useful for testing things out.

Necro can revive any fallen unit. Anything. But dies itself in the process.

Healing units only heal other units. Hero is able to heal mechs, but not units.

Hero is a diligent healer. But prone to sacrifice itself. “HERO”.

You lose the booster if you land even once. Or run out of energy.

Repair and Blaster guardians need energy to operate.

You can pick up multiple units at a time from the field by holding “space bar” down

Even a giant mech can jump or dash to dodge attacks.

Units face that direction where you are facing when you drop them.

“A lot of things have a tool tips, hover over every object for a second”

“You need in game tool tips enabled in the options to see some stat breakdowns by 
hover over. ” Game has collision detection. If you get cover, you might avoid incoming 

Because Airmech is a 3D game, shots will hit anything they collide with, even if it 
not the original target.

There is a maximum unit hard cap (number of units on the field independent of upkeep) 
– this number varies per map.

Income rates scale down per format: 1v1 – 100%, 2v2 – 80%, 3v3 – 70%.

Press Z once to ping your mech’s dynamic location 
(the ping flag will move with your mech).

Press Z twice to ping your mech’s current map location 
(static, flag dropped at mech’s location).

Each Airmech has different respawn cost.

The more you die, the longer it takes to respawn.

Dying can cause you to go into negative credits due to respawn cost.

Enemy players gain more experience if they kill you with their mech, less if their 
units kill you, and zero if neutrals units kill you.

Standing completely stationary in ground mode for 3 seconds greatly increases health 
and energy regeneration.

Upon a level-up, Mechs replenish some HP and energy.

Multiple friendly Saucers abducting together speeds up abduction.

Abduct progress is not completely wiped when abduction stops, it diminishes slowly.

Abducted enemy units can be sold for full credit cost.

Abducted neutral units sell for zero credits.

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