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  Hints and Tips for: Alias 
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 Alias Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Replenish heath:
If your health is low and Sydney is breathing like she is tired, get away
from all targets and wait for awhile. Her health meter will go back up. 
Note: This may take awhile.

Elevator code:
On the Asylum mission, there is an elevator. The code for the elevator is 
"4747". You can get the code by talking to Neil Caplain, who is located in
one of the padded cells. 

Getting DNA:
When you are trying to get the man's DNA and must follow him, when you get
in the room with all the picnic tables go to the right side of the door and
stand there. He will walk by time after time until you get all of his DNA. 
You will then fight him, escape from the Asylum, then move on to the Embassy

Fire alarms:
When at the end and you have to turn on all the fire alarms, one is in 
Basement 2. Note: After you turn on all the alarms you must hurry to the 
ballroom and fight three men, then find Dixon and escape.

Computer Codes:
These are the codes for the computers:


Lab Walkthrough:
When you in the lab and cant get the prisms do this. next to the giant laser
there's a tall box.. big enough to fit in it. jump up on top of that. There 
is a poll right above it. Climb onto that then go all the way over to the 
elevated part..(the part with computers and stuff) the jump down. There is a
computer all on its own in the corner. Hack it. Then the gun turret turns off.
Run down the stairs and grab the prisims. Then that dude will start coming 
towards the lab so run over to the lase and put the prisms into it. 
The run over to that bix tall box thing and run into it.. the door will shit..
stay in there until you know youre ready to come out (after the badies are 
inside the lab. Jump out of the box and beat the 2 dudes up and then save the
other dude.. then use the laser to blow up the things on the wall near the 
tin shutter thing.. (there's one outside and one inside) Then put the toxic 
stuff into the fuel cell and make your way outa there.

The Final Mission:
In the Ruins Mission you need a 4-digits code [1574] to operate the large 
cargo elevator to complete next objective. You will eventually be instructed
to retrieve the 4-digit code. Once you get to the lower floor(basement) you 
will have to use your laser gun again in order to interrupt the barriers to 
complete your objective.

Climb ladder on your right, you will have to walk on the narrow edge of the
wall where the laser barriers are. The best way to do this, is with your 
back against the wall. Fire and Restore your laser gun when needed. You 
can also touch one and it will knock out all the laser's barriers in that
area and also give you an extra laser to fire.

In order to make your final escape you will need speed, avoid fighting the
enemies, and timing. They allow you less than 4 minutes to escape. You will
have to make your escape by going up to the rooftop. There will be stairs 
that you have to climb and small rooms that you will be going in and out 
to reach where the stairs are at. (#1- Keep going up until you see the 
weapon that look like a lighing rod on the left, and stairs on your right, 
run pass that weapon, avoid the enemies and you will see a ramp attached 
to the Machine go up to it and press the (Use Button-is to allow you enter
elevators). Now head up the stairs and enter elevator. On your way to the 
next level you will have to jump up and crawl to the next ramp, keep going
in the up direction and you will see another weapon (lighting rod) to your
left again, so you repeat the same step #1. Once you reach the top, a door
that you will have to pick and unlock to escape.

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