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 American McGee's Alice Cheats

American McGee's Alice

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: OGS

Rember to turn on the console in the game options! Bring the console window 
up (press \"~\" )and type: 

Code                  Result
god                 - God Mode 
wuss                - All Weapons 
noclip              - No Clipping Mode 
health #            - Set Health to # (100=Full) 
notarget            - Invisibility 
cg_cameradist -45   - First Person View 
cg_cameradist 128   - Normal View 
give all            - All Weapons and Ammo 
give [itemname]     - Give Item [itemname] 
map [mapname]       - Jump to Map [mapname] 
fps 0/1             - Display Frame Rate Toggle (0 = off, 1 = on)
sv_gravity [number] - Set gravity; 800 is default

Map Names:

Item Names:
(note: This command or give all must be used 
 multiple times to get all three Demon Dice)
w_lookingglass.tik (spawns invisibility) 
w_grassshopperteaitem.tik (spawn high jump power-up) 

* Avoid grabbing the Ragebox until there are enemies around it only lasts a certain amount
  of time and you won't get in as many kills as possible for the duration. 

* The Demon Dice are an excellent choice when Alice faces several enemies simultaneously,
  but when the number of foes gets down to one, the Dice will turn on you. You might want
  to consider chucking a few knives into the fiend that the Dice unleash. 

* Don't use the blunderbuss unless there are three or four attackers in the vicinity. It 
  drains all of Alice's will, but the meta-essence of several dead opponents should get 
  you back in action in short order. 

* Use the Quick Save feature liberally during long jumping sequences.

Ever-firing staff:
In the second to last level, you will start out on an elevator. Take out the Jabberwock's
eye staff. When the elevator reaches the top level, immediately save your the game. Then,
quickly jump forward and press [Fire]. If done correctly, the staff will begin to fire 
without you having to hold [Fire]. Note: This will not use any energy.

Rare Rabbit:
If you in the Pandemonium, a FMV sequence will start with the rabbit. When it ends, the
rabbit is in his hole. Press ~ and enable the noclip code. Run in the wall to see a piece
of code instead of the rabbit.

Guard's voice:
When the Alice's "guard" talks to you, run away to hear his voice better. When running 
away, he stops talking. Quickly run back. The "guard" will not be able to talk anymore.

The Surviving Cheshire Cat:
* Before you fight the Queen Of Hearts at the end of the game, the Cheshire Cat will die. 
  Press C while you fight the Queen and he will appear again, as if he were alive.

* Near the end of the game, the cat is killed. However, after you complete the game and
  Wonderland becomes normal again, the cat reappears.

Game Speed:
Bring up the console (~). If you have not activated your console, activate it under 
Settings/Game Options. To change the speed, type the command Timescale x (x being a 
multiplier e.g., Timescale 2 will increase game speed by 2x that of normal).

Change gravity (Jump higher, float):
Press the ~ button after enabling console in settings and type in SV_gravity # (The 
number is for how much you want the gravity the higher the number the less gravity 
there is, Default is 800)

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