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  Hints and Tips for: Alien Legacy 
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 Alien Legacy Cheats

Alien Legacy

When you make Colonies Besure you keep them Balanced in all fields or atleast
2 of them. Once you have 2 colonies that are well balanced. Build a Space 
Station. now Start a Supply line from the planet to the space station. Have 
the space station specialize in Research Labs.

Once you have done this Start Exploring towards the Sun. You will find many 
useful things. Keep alot of robots on your Main Ship so you can colonize other
planets the same way you colonized your first. Be ready for any thing! another
tip: Once the attacks on your colonies start and you've built the force field.
Start building ships and missles! Prepare to go to cronus! But look for the 
peaceful way out & don't try to Explore the Beta Asteriods.
Until You feel your secure enough!

Scan sector instantly:
Drop a bomb and then start scanning a sector during the explosion animation. 
The sector will usually fully scan instantly. This will save time and energy, 
however make sure there are no resources under your ship. 

Resource production:
The turn after a building comes online, it will immediately executes a 
production/consumption cycle, no matter how many turns remaining. If you 
cycle a building offline then online it will force the building to produce 
on the next turn. Do this every turn, and you can produce with every turn. 
This works on everything that has an output, including research labs. 

Population production:
Once every game year (24 turns), habitats will update their population. 
This affects all colonies at the same time. Cycle a habitat offline then 
online on an update turn and that colony will re-run its population update
and grant you more colonists that will appear immediately. The faster you 
can keep clicking online and offline, the faster your population will grow, 
all in proportion to the current population. Do this with a larger colony 
for greater effect. If your population is over 50, you should expect to see
it grow every time you cycle. If it is not increasing the game has probably
progressed to another turn. Run the game at speed 1 to take full advantage 
of the trick. 

Except on special plot-related missions, there is no difference between using 
a human or robot pilot.

Double speed exploration:
In planet exploration mode you have two ways to travel. Clicking the up, left, 
or right button using your mouse or using the corresponding arrows keys on the 
keyboard. However, if you use both methods at the same time then you will travel
twice as fast. For instance clicking up using your mouse and pushing the up key
on the keyboard will make you move forward twice as fast.

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