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  Hints and Tips for: Amateur Surgeon 
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 Amateur Surgeon Cheats

Amateur Surgeon

Flash Game Hints:
Submitted by: RM

When you get to horrace, you have to cut him open, fix his heart with
the stapler, lighter and pain reliver goo. Then bugs will come out. 
Take the batterey and zap the bugs individually. Patch him up once 
again, You will then proceed to cut him open even more, and you will 
have to use the x ray cut where you see the dark figure, and then get 
the batterey once its open. zap the opening until a big yello bug comes
out and zap him. do this procedure repeatedly until all bugs are gone.

How to get past eddy:
Eddy is really the first guy that needs the corkscrew. Here's how you
do it. Select the corkscrew, then the pain medicine. Then, click and  
hold, and follow the red thing that's circling around the spot where 
you clicked with the mouse while still holding it down. Make sure the 
mouse is always on the red spot, otherwise you'll hurt the guy or create
a small cut. That  boosts his heart rate if you do it right. Get rid of 
all the chips, then just chainsaw the collar on the dotted line and remove
it piece by piece with the tongs. Then you're done!

Finishing bum the robot in the secret files:
When you start the surgery there will be a red button on the back of bum
rub cream on it to open up the robot inside the robot will be lots acid 
vacuum it up and click the vacuum down on this little dot near the top of
the battery after all the batteries are on full charge burn the little dot
on top of the battery to go the next part of the surgery here you will see
a big battery and four broken yellow circuits Staple the area where they 
are broken and charge the area where circuit start with car battery then 
charge the big main battery in the robot this the end of the surgery.

Bum the robot:
When you start the surgery there will be a red button on the back of Bum.
Rub cream on it to open up the robot. Inside the robot will be lots of 
acid. Vacuum it up. Click the vacuum down on the little dot near the top
of the battery. After all the batteries are fully charged, burn the little
dot on top of the battery to go the next part of the surgery. You will now
see a big battery and four broken yellow circuits. Staple the area where 
they are broken. Charge the area where circuit starts with car battery. 
Then, charge the big main battery in the robot to end the surgery.

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