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  Hints and Tips for: America's Army 3 
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 America's Army 3 Cheats

America's Army 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievements (Steam):
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", 
"View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Unlockable                     How to Unlock	
"V" for Victory              - Win 100 matches (any mission/map).
Against All Odds             - Win the round while the last man left on your 
                               team and outnumbered.
Army Commendation Medal      - Qualify Expert on all training missions (BCT & AIT).
Army Overseas Service Ribbon - Play a match on every map (any mission).
Army Service Ribbon          - Graduate from Basic Training.
Assault Specialist           - Complete 50 Activated objectives.
Avenger                      - Neutralize 20 enemies after being revived that had 
                               incapacitated you earlier in the round.
Combat Infantryman Badge     - Accumulate 2 hours of playtime in each MOS role.
Consummate Professional      - Neutralize 50 enemies with sighted headshots as a SDM.
Czervenia Campaign Ribbon    - Accumulate 20 hours of online play.
Defense Specialist           - Win 50 rounds while playing Defense 
                               (Defend, Ambush, or Counter).
Distinguished Grenadier      - Win 50 rounds as a Grenadier.
Distinguished Rifleman       - Win 50 rounds as a Rifleman.
Expert Infantryman Badge     - Qualify Expert on every Basic Combat Training level.
Expert Life Saver Badge      - Qualify Expert on the Combat Life Saving course.
Expert Weapons Badge         - Qualify Expert on every station in Weapons Familiarization.
Follow Me                    - Win 50 rounds as Squad Leader.
Got Your Back                - Be linked to a teammate when they complete an objective 
                               50 times.
Hawkeye                      - Neutralize 5 enemies in one round 
                               (awarded on after enemy is confirmed).
Mission First                - Complete 50 objectives as a Rifleman.
Mr. Zip Cuff                 - Secure 50 enemies.
No "I" in Team               - Stay linked to your team the entire round.
Not On My Watch              - Neutralize the VIP 50 times.
One Man Army                 - Win a match without ever being neutralized.
Physical Fitness Badge       - Qualify Expert on the Obstacle Course.
Recovery Specialist          - Recover and Extract 50 carryable objectives.
Security Specialist          - Capture 50 Take & Hold objectives.
Spotless Record              - Complete 30 consecutive rounds without any ROE violations.
Stick to the Plan            - Complete 30 Squad Leader assigned objectives.
Suppressive Results          - Damage at least 2 enemies with a single trigger pull 50 
                               times as an Automatic Rifleman.
Two Birds, One Stone         - Neutralize two enemies with one grenade as Grenadier 
                               (awarded on after enemy is confirmed).
Ultimate Sacrifice           - Dive on a live grenade saving at least one teammate from 
                               certain death.
Up and At 'Em                - Revive 50 teammates.
Very Important Player        - Extract 50 times as the VIP.
Weapon Bar: Auto. Rifle      - Qualify Expert with Auto. Rifle in Tier 1 Automatic Rifleman.
Weapon Bar: Carbine          - Qualify Expert with the M4 in Tier 1 Advanced Rifleman.
Weapon Bar: M16DMR           - Qualify Expert with M16DMR in Tier 1 Squad Designated Marksman.
Weapon Bar: M320             - Qualify Expert with M320 in Tier 1 Grenadier.

The third edition of military simulation game, now rebuilt upon the 
next-generation Unreal Engine 3 system for unprecedented realism. In
America's Army, players can explore and dominate challenges ranging 
from basic training to Special Forces Assessment and Selection to 
Special Forces Qualification Course. Join various elite Army units
and see the power of Army teamwork, values and technology. Gameplay
highlights include authentic weapons and technologies, realistic 
training and exciting gameplay missions. AA3 provides players new
insights into the Army and Soldiering while making the game easier
to play, easier to install and easier to download. 

In America's Army 3, players will have persistent characters that they
customize by embarking on career paths in which they advance by completing
specialized training and accomplishing missions. The evolution of the 
player's career follows the same progression as it would in the Army. 
Initially, the core of the gameplay focuses on an Infantry Soldier (11B).
Players can select from a variety of roles that the 11B performs such as 
Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, Designated Marksman and Grenadier.Players 
who complete advanced individual training modules can take on new MOS 
roles that will affect gameplay. For example, by completing medic 
training players will be able to treat minor and major injuries in 
single player training missions and render advanced medical aid in 
multiplayer missions.

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