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  Hints and Tips for: Amnesia: Rebirth 
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 Amnesia: Rebirth Cheats

Amnesia: Rebirth

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Enable Console (Cheats):
Written by NeThZOR

A short guide on how to enable debugging. It comes in very handy for 
all sorts of applications, and your imagination is the limit!

-=How to Enable Cheat Console=-
Find the Config File

Location of the config file is located here:
C:\Users\\Documents\My Games\Amnesia Rebirth\Main

Name of the file: [YourParticularUserDetails]_user_settings.cfg

Open in a text editor.

Enable Debugging Console

In the .cfg file, locate the tag < Main >.
find DebugMode="false" and change it to DebugMode="true". Save the file. You should now be ready to go! Use the Debug Toolbar Launch the game. Press F1 to open the window on the right. There are various options that you can enable/disable inside of the window. -=Examples Include=- God Mode! Spectator Cam (Free Cam) Debug Logging for Game Events Quick Save Enable Using Scripts No Crosshair Fix: ----------------- Written by KERNBOOM Go to ..\Amnesia Rebirth\script\player\ and open the file "Player.hps" in notepad. Find these two lines and change them to false, then save. const bool gbDrawCrosshair =true; const bool gbDrawDefaultCrosshair = true; How to Uncap FPS: ----------------- Written by Xiv How to Enable 120+ HZ Compatibility! You can find the files here: (Drive):\Users\(Username)\Documents\My Games\Amnesia Rebirth\Main Edit the file named "x_y_user_settings.cfg", change commandline "RefreshRate" to desired cap, save and you're done! You might want to turn on vsync either ingame or in your respective GPU software to limit screen tear as I've noticed that altering the RefreshRate completely uncaps fps without it. Enjoy!

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