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  Hints and Tips for: Among Us 
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 Among Us Cheats

Among Us

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Impostor Guide:
Written by mCs

An in-depth Impostor tutorial by an actual 5Head.

-=After the Game Commences=-
Try not to switch up your habbits; if for example you are playing Skiel and 90% 
of the time walk LEFT towards Top Engine, don't change where you go just because 
you are Impostor, that alone might certain kind of people suspicious.

Start by faking multiple-step tasks such as Wires, but never do more than the 
actual Task requires.

Mind how long you do the task for, because good players will look out for that so 
know how long it takes to do tasks.

-=Committing to the First Kill=-
Crewmate knowledge is really key to playing impostor because if you act like a 
crewmate you will be less likely to be suspected.

One of the easiest way to get the first kill, is wait for somebody to be completely 
isolated, just you and them. If that's the case, then commit to the kill and try to 
diverse the Crewmates so that they don't discover the body, the best way is to simply 
sabotage on the other side of the map.

e.g. If you kill somebody in Navigation, sabotage Reactor.) This will help you get 
your kill cooldown without having to worry about people finding the body; and this 
can obviously lead to you going on a killing spree without anybody reporting bodies 
or calling emergency.

-=After the First-Blood=-
After the first/second kill, it's up to you (and your Impostor friend) to play your 
cards right. Try to keep the Crewmates off of reporting the bodies as much as possible.

A good tip to do that is to try and kill people around corners and places where people 
don't intentionally go to.

Also, don't forget to kill the lights. Decreasing the vision of the Crewmates is 
great for hiding bodies and giving your kill-cooldown a chance to recharge.

If somebody finds the body, try your best to clear yourself and maybe even accuse 
somebody out of the blue using a slip up that someone can make when explaining 

Also, if you commit to a kill and see somebody running your way, you might aswell 
report the body and try blaming the whole thing on them using a variety of persuading 

How to Hunt Down and Root Out the Impostors:
Written by Rat King

-=Taking the Fight to the Enemy=-
If you are crew, try to actively hunt down the impostor(s). Doing tasks is beneath 
you - leave that to the civilians.

-=Verify and Make a Friend=-
At game start, your objective should be to prove that 1 other person is a crewmate. 
Follow someone to a nearby location and ensure they aren't fake tasking by observing 
the meter. Once you determine that they are crew go back to the start and use your 
emergency meeting. The group will likely be surprised at how early it is and be 
annoyed at you that their current task was interrupted.

-=Use Your First Meeting to Train/Lead the Group=-
Most impostors know that they need to get their first kills very quickly if they are 
to succeed. By holding an emergency meeting early, you achieve several things:

* You can inform the group that the person you verified is in fact safe. This person 
  will begin trusting you, even if the rest of the group turns against you out of 
* If the meeting is held early enough, you might disrupt an impostor from getting 
  their first kill and delay their kill countdown timer.
* If the impostors did manage to kill one or two crewmates, the survivors will 
  know that the people in their vicinity can likely be trusted. This is important 
  later on.
* If an impostor was spotted using a vent they will be outed almost immediately.

-=Focus On Facts=-
In this first meeting, you may be accused of being an impostor. State clearly that 
you can prove your innocence by doing a task. Doesn't have to be one of the visible 
ones (med scan, shields, weapons or trash), a simple card in admin will work as the 
meter will go up when you are done. Any single-step task will do (so not rewiring, 
download etc). Immediately switch the conversation to who has intel to share with 
each other (who has scans/trash etc). That will remind the crew that their job is 
not to complete tasks, it is to root out who cannot be trusted.

-=Start The Hunt=-
Doing all this will help focus the group on observing each other's movements and 
actions. Most impostors just play a solo, run around looking for lonesome victims 
kind of game. They duck and weave and change direction on the fly. With this start, 
they might get a few more kills but by the end, the remaining survivors will likely 
figure out that 3-4 of them are actually safe and will start operating as a group. 
Most impostor(s) will not be able to think or adapt fast enough. Some impostors 
will try to tag along....

-=Late Game - Avoiding Impostors Out to Get You=
Once the impostors see that you are using logic in chat to coordinate who is 
verified as safe (focus on that, not wild accusations) you will become a target. 
Try to travel with other safe people but then switch up and pull away on your own. 
Impostors in your 'safe' group will be intent on cornering you by yourself.

Use that! Try to keep distance between you and them so they can't kill you (they 
will start getting desperate and try for kills out in the open). If they chase 
you, they are losing time and not killing crewmates. If they give up, move back 
so they are back in your line of sight. Do this a few times and you will quickly 
determine if they are an impostor or not. Also, be on the lookout for players 
moving in the opposite direction away from a crisis, or who frequently pause, 
stop moving and double back.

-=It's All About The Numbers=-
* As numbers dwindle, many players lose sight of the fact that the impostors can 
  quickly rack up a few kills and win the game.
* If 3 players are alive, the impostor is just 1 kill away from winning the game.
* If 5 players alive (and there are 2 impostors), they are just 1 kill away from 
  winning the game.

Consequently the choices made by the crew when there are 4 or 6 players left 
pretty much determines the outcome of the match. Assuming you have verified that 
1 or 2 others are safe, focus on the remaining players and have your group discuss 
who is most suspect. You need to take this 50-66% chance of voting out an impostor 
at this stage. Sharing last minute intel (and seeing who is not speaking too) will 
massively boost the group's ability to make the right call.

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