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  Hints and Tips for: A.p.b 
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 A.p.b Cheats


Cheat Codes:
If you hold down the button while driving, the siren will sound, and the other
cars will move out of the way. Now you can drive at full speed without crashing.

Quick Way To Earn Standing Points:
This is better used in a group with others helping you, otherwise by yourself, 
I don't think it's very effective. Basically your group needs to place markers 
on two CLOSE 'chop shop' locations where you drop off stolen cars (but keep in 
mind it takes a few minuets for a drop location to allow you to drop off another
vehicle). Then at both drop locations, park a car on both sides of the street so 
that they stop MPC drivers in close proximity to where you'll be drooping off 
the cars, thus allowing a line of cars for your quick paced needs. 
Now, the most important part is to start any mission that pops up. When you 
start the mission, drop as many cars in the prepared locations you've decided
as quick as you can, before the mission ends. This, on average, with four 
players altogether on your team will accumulate 200 standing points: 400 with 
practice. Considering if you start missions one after another, you'll level 
up rather quickly. Enjoy your high level characters!
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