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  Hints and Tips for: Aquaria 
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 Aquaria Cheats


Ingredients while cooking:
(v1.0.3) - Select the ingredients to combine, then quickly press [Esc]
as the "Cook" button is selected. If done correctly, the cooking window
will close, the item will get made, but its ingredients will not be 
consumed. You can now make as many food items as desired, as long as 
you have at least one of each required ingredient.

Unlockables achievements (Steam):
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement.
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", 
then "My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats. 

A New Chapter...     - Reach Open Waters. 
Boom Shrimp          - Defeat the Mantis Shrimp.
Bucking Bronco       - Ride Ekkrit for a minute. 
Combo Eater          - Devour 6 creatures in a row. 
Dethroned King Jelly - Defeat the King Jelly. 
Divorce              - Defeat Mom and Dad. 
Explorer             - Travel to all the areas of Aquaria. 
Feather-Mouth        - Devour a Parrot. 
Gullet               - Enter the belly of the Whale. 
Healthy              - Find all the health eggs. 
High Dive            - Dive into the water from a certain high location.
Mass Transit         - Find all the Ancient Turtles.
Mergog Defeated      - Defeat Mergog
Monkey Flinger       - Fling a Monkey.
No Escape            - Kill the Coward. 
North Pole           - Reach the Frozen Veil. 
Octogone             - Defeat Octomun. 
Passed Through       - Reach the Veil. 
Rock Crab Rocked     - Defeat the Rock Crab.
Songstress           - Learn all the songs in Aquaria.
Speed Racer          - Beat the Arnassi race in less than a minute.
Spirit Battle        - Defeat the Priests.
Super Chef           - Find all the recipes in the game.
Uniter               - Rescue all the lost souls.

Replace symbols with English:
Navigate to the folder in which you installed Aquaria. (For a Steam install,
this is "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\aquaria". If you have a 64-bit
PC, replace "Program Files" with "Program Files (x86)". For the Mac version, 
right click on the Aquaria application and click "Show Package Contents".) 
In here there should be a folder called "gfx". Two of the files in this folder
should be "aquarian.png" and "aquarian_alt.png". Swap the names of those two 
files. This should replace all of the symbols written on the wall with 
English text.

Don't use up ingredients when cooking:
This glitch will allow you to make all the food items you want, without using
up the ingredients that go into them. Basically allowing you to make infinite
items as long as you have at least one of each of the base items that go into 
it. To do so, just select the items to combine as normal, and just as you click
the "Cook" button, hit the ESC key quickly. This will close down the cooking 

You will see that the item still gets made, but the ingredients that you used 
won't get removed. Allowing you to make as many as you like.

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