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  Hints and Tips for: ArcheAge: Unchained 
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 ArcheAge: Unchained Cheats

ArcheAge: Unchained

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Essential Leveling Tips and Tricks:
* Chop Every Tree.
* Get at least 2 or more mounts. 
  Also buy “Shabby Pet Leggards” for 3.2 silver each (From Stable Master)
* Elk mount has a leap and Archer Abilities, Tiger Mount has a stun and 
  an Invincible Dash.
* Avoid using hereafter stones. (General Merchants sell them for 75s each)
* The Experimental Glider can be crafted up to an Ultimate Glider for 30 
  gilda. (Don’t do this method if you are rushing gilda for Housing/Boats)
* Work on your Level-Based Achievements as you quest.
* If you die to mobs, Pray to Nui Priestess to restore xp.
* Quest with mounts and battle pets out to level them up.
* Partial completion of a quest gives the same XP as full completion.
* Avoid PvPing to leveling faster.
* Open Crates to get 3k xp pots.
* Arenas give Kyrios badges. 3 Kyrios badges = 10k xp.
* Start doing CR/GR as soon as possible.
* Gear lvl requirements: 1, 28, 40, 50.
* Set recall to Marianople/Austera.
* Raid’s give half XP. (2 players in a raid recieve half the XP rather than 
  2 players in a party)

How to Use Farm Cart and a Farm Wagon:
When using a farm cart and farm wagon you have a few control options. When 
you mount the transport a few icons appear on your screen. These icons let 
you speed up the cart by +50% for 8 minutes if you have Eco-Friendly Fuel 
(T button), speed up the cart by +25% for 4 minutes if you have Axle Grease 
(U button). Sound the horn (Y button) and most importantly the Owner’s Mark 
(R button).

The Owner’s Mark makes sure that other players can’t steal your cart while 
you are making trade packs or delivering them. It’s important to remember to 
use when you are delivering trade packs. Some players have a habit of stealing 
your cart while you deliver your first pack. They drive it to a spot where 
monsters will attack it in the hopes of stealing at least one trade pack for 
themselves. So always activate your owner’s mark if you have more than one 
trade pack.

Daily Mentor/Mentee Dungeon Quests
These dailies are divided into Mentee and Mentor quests, with the mentor quests 
giving more Gilda stars on completion.

These daily quests are located outside the Burnt Castle and Sharpwind Mines on 
the Nuia continents and Palace Cellar and Hadir Farm on the Haryana continent. 
You will get a daily quest there depending on your character level from Lucius 
the bird. These quests need to be completed as a team, so bring at least one 
friend along with the appropriate level. The mentor gets three Gilda stars and 
the mentee gets a single Gilda star.

Level Requirements for the Daily Dungeon Quests
* Sharpwind Mines and Palace Cellar: Mentor, level 30+ – Mentee, level 19-29

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