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  Hints and Tips for: Archipelagos 
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 Archipelagos Cheats


Finish the first two archipelagos and hit return to 
select another Type 8421 and hit enter twice.  
Now you can go wherever you want.

Tips and Tricks:
1) Learn what hints tell
   Right button helps you to complete levels FASTER, but won't give
   you good level rating (GOLD).
2) Watch out for the danger.
   Sometimes it takes 2 minutes to complete a level and you'd be challenged 
   to replay it if you lose on the last second. As soon as you get danger, 
   forget about all the combos and big groups - click for your life!
   As soon as level starts, make at least X5 combo followed by 2 perfects 
   to secure gold. That's how you do it: 
 a) X5 combo start making combo from clicking smallest groups of THE SAME 
   color. Same color means GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN without changing 
   color. It might sound tough, but that's why there's right mouse button.
   As soon as you out of blocks of your combo color, patiently make ONE 
   RIGHT CLICK to get another row and search for your color match. As soon
   as you get DANGER, CLICK FOR YOUR LIFE! In 2 attempts you'll sure get 
   X5 and then you could proceed to making PERFECT.
 b) PERFECT = CLEAR = remove everything from screen. It takes a lot of 
   practice and logic. It's like mini cubic-rubic. You'll need to understand
   how the cubes move on the field and how to remove all of them. You need 
   to clear the screen TWICE to get golden award for it.
 c) So, as soon as you get X5 combo and 2 clears, start using right mouse 
   button to fill stack to DANGER zone and destroy it. Then again, right 
   mo use button to fill stack to DANGER and destroy it. Repeat till you 
   win and do it as fast as you can to get gold speed level award.
4) PANIC button!
   From world 2 you'll have a new life-saving feature called PANIC button. 
   You could use it when you are trying to make X8 combo in a tough level. 
   PANIC button doesn't reset your combo meter. Another OBVIOUS use of PANIC 
   button is to click it when you are deep in DANGER!!!
   And there's also a super tip on DANGER for you - PRESS SPACE BAR!

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