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  Hints and Tips for: Army Men 
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 Army Men Cheats

Army Men

Cheat Codes:
To enter these codes, bring up the options menu (press 
Escape during a mission) and type the cheat code you 
want and click on BACK. Your radio window will tell you 
if you entered the code correctly.

These codes must be typed as you see them, 
first letter capitalized and the rest in lowercase.

Code              Effect
Succumb         - lose the scenario 
Triumph         - win the scenario 
Omnisicient     - toggle between your view and 
                  omniscient view of all troops 
Pyromancer      - toggle right button explosion 
Aeroballistics  - add full air support 
Invulnerable    - makes sarge invulnerable 
Paralysis       - Frozen enemies
Telekinetic     - teleport sarge anywhere in the world 
                  (get into scroll mode first and scroll 
                  where you want to go) 
Plethora        - full up on ammo 
Occultation     - stealth mode (sarge won't be spotted 
                  unless he shoots) 
Kahuna          - Add explosions, omniscient view, and 
Scenario Select 
At the opening menu, press A to open the first mission 
of each scenario. 

Walk on Water 
For this trick you need the INVULNERABLE cheat on. 
Stand on a bridge and do whatever you can to blow it up. 
Now you can walk on the water.

Once you step on land or a bridge you can't go back.

Gas attack:
Press the Right Mouse Button on enemy troops and tanks to destroy them 
with gas. Be careful, because you can also kill your own troops.

Trees randomly catch on fire:
Note: This happens randomly on almost all levels with pine trees. When you 
are standing around, a tree will catch fire on its own not too far from 
your position. When you look at your radio window you will receive a message 
stating "Only you can prevent forest fires". This does not happen very often.

Alternate air strike shadow:
Call an air strike enough times and the shadow will be that of a dove with 
an olive branch instead of a plane.

Rapid fire rifles, tanks, and other vehicles:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the 
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "AiDefault.aai" file in 
the game folder after turning off its "Read Only" file attribute. Scroll down 
until you see the "LIGHT_MACHINE_GUN" entry. Notice that it has as "RATE_OF_FIRE" 
value. You can change the first number only to a lower value. This will speed 
up how fast your weapons fire. Higher numbers make your weapons fire slower. For 
example, set the value from "1000;0" to "25;0". You can do this to machine guns, 
rifles, bazooka, and tanks only. Do not change the second number or anything 
else in this file. Note: This cheat also effects enemy weapons and makes them 
shoot faster. 

Rapid fire bazooka or grenades:
Get an auto rifle, then find a bazooka or grenades. Select the auto rifle, 
hold [Fire] then quickly press 12121212. Note: This also works with mortars.

Entering Legos:
Go into the graveyard, then go to a statue of a mummy and destroy it. Go through
at that point, then go west. Go north when you see Legos. Go to the separate Lego,
then go to the Legos and go in.

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