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  Hints and Tips for: As Far As The Eye 
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 As Far As The Eye Cheats

As Far As The Eye

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Grow and Move:
Written by Spector

When you have basic food like the pumpkins stored and some wood collected you 
can start using a designated Pupil for building all the other collection or 
harvesting buildings. You can choose to spend only wood and build a stationary 
building or spend wool and stone as well to make mobile buildings which you 
can pack up and carry between halts. The space on the caravan is limited and 
you have to count on caring over resources as well, so choose what to build and 
leave behind and what to carry over to the next halt depending on which resources 
you will need to stockpile when you get there.

You can try choosing your next halt depending on the available Pupils and their 
skills and the resources you can gather at the current halt but because some halts 
are hidden on the map until you get closer to them you would know are you heading 
into a really difficulty path on the map.

You should try to diversify Pupils and your resources so you can get a leg up when 
you find yourself in a halt which is hard to finish before the turns run out.

Buildings can also be upgraded if you can spare the resources, so if you plan on 
investing into them do that for movable buildings.

In As Far As The Eye there is a map on which you can always see what will be the 
requirements for successfully navigating the road from that next halt. When you get 
there you have to locate and exploit the resources that you will need for the next 
leg of the journey. Always get the food first or you risk your Pupil dying from 

To increase the size of the caravan, and to be able to have more villagers, you 
have to find and bring to your caravan more specimens of the Rhinofallos animal 
which along with some resources can be turned into a camp extension. From time to 
time you will find new Rhinofallos in different halts as well as new Pupils which 
you will run into in the remains which are old abandoned structures. 
You can specialize some Pupils as druids and those will be able to tell which 
rewards to expect and even remove possible negative effects before you explore 

Besides these there are also Sacred Sites that are places of appeal to spirits 
scattered all over the world. Majestic, they can only be explored once and offer 
rewards of various natures. You can make offerings in Sacred Sites or plunder 
them, but never forget you'll have to bear the consequences of your actions.

Auras on the other hand are natural points of interest bursting with magic. They 
protect the surrounding nature, going as far as preventing the harvesting of 
certain resources.

To deal with them, and remains, you need a Pupil specialized as a druid as mentioned 
above. One of the druids skills is in interacting with the source of the auras, 
usually big purple tree. Using the druid you have to right click and chose the 
option to pacify the auras for a limited number of turns. This also takes a number 
of turns but can be made into a permanent thing by investing in the druids skill tree.

Each step on the journey you are in a race with time as you have a limited number 
of turns before each halt is flooded with the oncoming tsunami of water. Because of 
this you have to learn to be very efficient with your harvesting, collection and 
exploration. Each movement point of each villager is a resource which must not be 
wasted and everything has to be harvested in the right order just before it is 
needed. Making a thousand meals will not help if you failed to harvest enough wood 
to make the mine or quarry which you need to be able to extract stone or ore 
necessary for the next leg of the journey and reaching the next halt.

Besides the danger of exceeding the turns limit and getting drowned by the water your 
villagers will also be hit by certain types of disasters which happened as the wave 
gets closer. On some occasions you will get a warning telling you what to do to 
minimize the problems and damage your village or villagers will suffer in the next 
turn but sometimes there will be no warning and you will have to deal with the aftermath.

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