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  Hints and Tips for: Asteria 
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 Asteria Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Darksteel Mining Tool" achievement:
Farm the first boss (which does not drop a Superconductor) in the Tier 3 dungeon. 
It always drops a bundle of Darksteel. Use any Blaster for this Boss. Keep kiting 
in circles around it and never engage at close range because of its high rate of 
fire. Once you kill it, collect the Darksteel, press [Esc], then select "Save And
Quit". Restart the SP world and the Boss will respawn. Repeat the process until 
obtaining enough material. 

Easy "Fricken' Laser Beams!" achievement:
To get the Ocular Lens for the laser rifle's scope, you will require boots. The 
chest containing the lens is along the path north of the hornet nest, which are 
requires jumping. It is also possible to get an Ocular Lens from a Brunnen as a 
rare drop. 

Easy "Gesundheit" achievement:
Farm Exploders at the Sky Boss of the Tier 3 dungeon. Note: Do this after you 
have Tier 4 or 5 equipment to make it easier. The Sky Boss drops one to three 
Exploders on the same platform that you are standing on at various intervals. 
If you die, you will respawn in the same room and all the previous Exploder 
kills will still get counted toward the achievement.

Easy "Where the Gods Dwell" achievement:
Defeat the final Boss in single player mode. The next portal you take will 
take you to a group of humanoids who will give you the keys.

Easy "Obsidian Mining Tool" achievement:
Use the Tier 7 dungeon Boss (Burrower) to farm Obsidian and Adamantium Bars. 
The Boss is easy to defeat as long as the respawning blue dragons are killed 
for health. Dodge the rest of the enemies. After defeating the Burrower, 
collect the Hypercube items, press [Esc], then select the "Save And Quit" 
option. Return to the SP world, and the Boss will respawn. Repeat this process
to collect 5 Obsidian and 20 Adamantium Bars each time. You can also farm 
Obsidian by mixing water with lava. To get the Superconductor needed for this
tier's mining tool, fight the Boss in this area. While fighting the Boss, stand
on the far left corner platform of this area so the Dragon Boss' projectiles 
cannot hit you, but you can still shoot at it whenever it rushes in for a melee
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