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  Hints and Tips for: Automaton 
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 Automaton Cheats


Submitted by: David K

Use Your Mind!:
Automaton has a limited Telekinetic ability which you can use to 
manipulate small objects in the environment. Click on every item 
you can find to see what happens!

Alphabet Soup:
Stuck on the code puzzle? Count using your fingers - not numbers, 
but letters! A, B, C....

The Hallway:
-Grab the red pump from the ground 
-Use it with the mineral tank, then use it with the apple 
-Click on the apple 
-Use the pump with the water tank, then use it on the apple 
-Use the pump on the nutrients tank, then on the apple a few times 
-The old guy is saved from the worm 

The Library:
-Listen to what the old guy has to say 
-Pick up the glue from the table 
-Click on the chair near the table and 'Boom'... it moves onto the table 
-Click on the lamp to make the lamp shade go bye bye 
-Use the glue on the top of the lamp, then click on the chair 
-Just click the screen and you have finished the library 

Basement 03b:
-This is too easy, just wait for the security system to activate 
-Now type in A.U.R.A. into ot and you have done this level 

The Exit:
-Click on the coal to the left of the screen 
-Use the coal with the engine 
-Use the red pump with the puddle in the bottom right, you now 
 have water 
-Use the water with the pipe on the left of the engine 
-Click anywhere on the screen and you have finished part 1.
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