Battlezone 2 - Combat Commander Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Battlezone 2 - Combat Commander 
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 Battlezone 2 - Combat Commander Cheats

Battlezone 2 - Combat Commander

Cheat Codes:
Hold [Ctrl] and press ~ to display the console screen. Then, enter one of 
the following codes.
Result                            Code
Unlimited shields               - game.cheat bzbody
Unlimited pilots and resource   - game.cheat bzfree
Full map                        - game.cheat bzradar
Unlimited ammo                  - game.cheat bztnt
Instant comsat link             - game.cheat bzview
Mission skip                    - ai.winmission
Play as ISDF after mission      - 14 play isdf
Play as Scion after mission     - 14 play scion

* When your armor starts to get low, order one of your tanks to come and pick you up; 
  that way, if your tank is destroyed, you'll have a nearby vehicle ready to go. 

* In multiplayer games, be sure to shoot anyone who is running around on foot. If he's 
  your opponent, you'll win the game by taking him out.

* You can assume control of enemy vehicles by shooting the driver with the sniper rifle,
  then assuming his place behind the wheel. 

Codes for the Demo Version: 
Push [Alt] + [Shift] during game and enter one of the 
following codes to activate its corresponding cheat. 

Invincibility         - tebuffy 
Full map              - tedontdie 
Satellite view        - tenerd 
Unlimited ammunition  - tedeadite 
Unlimited scrap       - terat

Editor hack:
It order to do this, you must have version 2.0 of the game. Start the game 
with the /edit command line parameter. Go to a single player game and press
[Ctrl] + E. You will automatically go into the editor. Go to multi-player 
mode and start a session. Join a map, then once in the level, exit it. 
Then, click on "Chat/More". Note: This option will not be there unless 
you are playing v2.0 or later. You will be in the server again. Join a 
map again, and once in the level, press [Ctrl] + E. The license agreement
will appear. You can now continue editing.

Continue ISDF:
When you remove Pashada Burns from the rubble of the dropship in Fanning the 
fire (presumably the last level of ISDF) you'll continue to the scion campaings. 
To continue with the ISDF create a new pilot called 'PLAY ISDF'. To go straight 
to the scion levels create a new player called 'Play Scion'

Secret: Infinite site camera
Activate site camera and eject from vehicle. This gives you infinite site 
camera.To turn this off, activate site camera after getting into another 
vehicle and you will return to normal vision.

Editor mode:
Enable the "game.cheat bzeditor" code. This enables in-game editing. Press 
[Ctrl] + E to display the license agreement. Select "Accept" to enter the 
editor. Notice that there are several tabs to select from.

Height: Controls terrain elevation 
Object: Controls and places objects

Type in an object name in config box. For example, aptech.
Type in spawn in config box for object spawning.

Type in object name in object label.
Type in _# (replace # with a number) by object name for spawn rate. 
The object will spawn after that many seconds once the first object that 
spawned is no longer in existence.
You can rename objects so that when you point at it, the name that is 
specified in the box is what the name of the object is. 

Water: Places water 
Color: Edits terrain color 
Texture: Edits terrain pattern 
Path: Confirms which .dll file to use 

Type "editor" in the control menu ([Ctrl] + ~), something similar to this should
appear. Press [Enter] after entering each value. 

 cmd Accept
 cmd Reject
 cmd Undo
 cmd Redo
 page = 0

Type "editor.editor" and you will get this message: 

 "Error (col 13): Unknown command "editor.editor". 

Type "editor.reject" and the program will perform an action. Letters in dark 
blue cause actions. 

Type "" and you should get this message:  

 page = 0 

However, typing in " 1" will result in this message. 

 page = 1 

Some commands require more than one value, such color. 
It will say something like this. 

 fog color = 128 128 128 RGB 

Type in sky.fogcolor 255 255 255 and this message should appear and all fog 
shall become white. 

 fog color = 255 255 255 RGB 

Type "editor.water" and you will get another menu. 
Words in yellow will bring up another menu.

Destroying a Gun Spire the easy way:
Get your Constructor to build a Gun Tower about four green squares from the Gun Spire 
so he won't get shot and build it there. The Gun Spire will be focused on the Gun Tower
so you and your troops can slip past and there's a 98.99% chance that your Gun Tower 
will win!

Cheat Shortcuts:
Enter the following options to access various cheats.

Press and hold alt J - Unlimited armor 
Press and hold alt K - Unlimited ammo 
Press and hold alt L - Radar upgrade 
Press and hold alt ; - Unlimited scrap 
Press and hold alt ' - Free radar 
Press and hold alt E - Site camera 
Press and hold alt Q to quit site camera
Press and hold alt 7 - Texture red and green

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