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  Hints and Tips for: Batman - Arkham Origins 
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 Batman - Arkham Origins Cheats

Batman - Arkham Origins

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Free Flow Fifty Achievement/Trophy Tips:
An easy way to score the x50 combo needed to earn this Achievement/Trophy is to reach 
Round 4 of the "Intensive Training" combat challenge. At this point, abuse the trick 
of attacking enemies, then jumping over them to avoid their hits/counterattacks. Simply
continue this until you reach a x50 combo, without worrying about using combo attacks 
or finishers (indeed, these attacks will finish enemies off quicker, potentially 
throwing off your timing).

It gets even easier if you have unlock the Shock Gloves, which provide a x2 multiplier
on each successful hit when activated.

Easy "One Of Each" achievement:
There are five different gadgets needed to get the "One Of Each" achievement. They are 
all unlocked automatically while playing through the story. The following gadgets have 
to be used in one combo, without ever losing the combo multiplier:

1.Batclaw Slam.
2.Explosive Gel.
3.Concussion Detonator.
4.Glue Grenade.

Unlockables - Costumes:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume. 

New 52 Graphic        - Capture every Most Wanted target.
Dark Knight           - Complete all Dark Knight Challenges.
Noel                  - Find all Enigma Datapacks.
Injustice             - Earn all Medals in Challenge mode.
Blackest Night        - Earn Prestige in Multiplayer mode.
One Million           - Download the free DLC, then register with WBID.
Knightfall Pack       - PlayStation3 exclusive pre-order bonus.
New Millenium Pack    - Must be purchased.
Infinite Earths Pack  - Must be purchased.

Easy "Anyone See That?" and "Silent Knight" achievements:
In the mission where you need to track down the Penguin on his ship (it is one
of the first main missions in the game), after your encounter with Tracey (Penguin's
assistant) and her goons, you will reach the first predator room in the game. Stay 
crouched, sneak up to an isolated enemy, and perform a silent takedown. Do this to 
all six enemies in the room, without being noticed, to get the "Anyone See That?" 
and "Silent Knight" achievements. Note: If you have already passed this point in 
the game, there are still plenty of other opportunities to get these achievements,
but you should definitely do this before completing the story. After completing a 
predator room, the enemies will not respawn

Easy x50 combo hint:
Reach Round 4 of the "Intensive Training" combat challenge and , abuse the trick of 
attacking enemies, then jumping over them to avoid their hits/counterattacks. Repeat 
this until you reach a x50 combo, without worrying about using combo attacks or finishers
It gets even easier if you have unlocked the Shock Gloves, which provide a x2 multiplier 
on each successful hit when activated.

Big Head mode:
While using the cryptographic sequencer, hold L1 and R2 and then rotate the right analog 
clockwise. Do this until Batman's head becomes big.

Additional Skins:
You can gain additional skins by satisfying the corresponding requirements:

Blackest Night      - Prestige in multiplayer.
Dark Knight         - Clear all Dark Knight challenges.
Earth 2 Dark Knight - Link a WBID to the Batman: Arkham Origins game on iOS.
Injustice           - Obtain all Challenge Mode medals.
New 52 Graphic      - Complete all Most Wanted challenges.
One Million         - Link a WBID to your account.
Red Son             - Play the iOS game.

Easy experience:
Do the following to earn 120,000 XP every 15 minutes and be able to purchase all upgrades at 
the start of the game. At Burnley, go to the indicated location on the rooftop and let the 
enemy kill you so you are saved at this location. When you spawn after dying, use the grappling
hook to go back to the rooftop, silent takedown the first three enemies, then silent takedown 
the fourth enemy with a Knockout Smash to get a total of 8,000 XP. After getting the XP and 
the "Saving..." icon disappears at the bottom of the screen, pause the game and select 
"Restart" to start from the last checkpoint. Repeat this process as many times as desired.

Green Arrow reference:
In the interior of the Final Offer, in the same area as the "fight arena", there is a cargo 
container with "Queen Industries" on its side. "Queen Industries" belongs to Oliver Queen, 
a.k.a. the Green Arrow.

Harvey Dent reference:
While in the G.C.P.D., up in the evidence locker you can see a newspaper clipping of Harvey 
Dent's win in the election for Gotham City D.A. 

Rupert Thorne reference:
In the G.C.P.D., look carefully at the bulletin boards in the squadron rooms. On the walls are 
newspaper clippings and mugshots with police reports. One of these reports references Rupert 
Thorne; another one of Gotham's infamous crime lords.

Confronting Anarky:
Finally, you get to confront the villain behind all these bombs. Find him at the Bowery. Go
through the back door of the courthouse to find him. You will be ambushed by many of his 
lackeys. Defeat them and Anarky will join the fight. Try to avoid hits from him, as he uses 
an electric weapon. Jump over him and counter to avoid attacks. You can also attack him from
behind to make him lose the weapon. Defeat Anarky and his men to successfully complete the 
mission and save Gotham.

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