Battle Isle - The Andosia War Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Battle Isle - The Andosia War 
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 Battle Isle - The Andosia War Cheats

Battle Isle - The Andosia War

Cheat Codes:
To enable cheats, just type the following code in the game: alyenya

Then hit the following keys to enable cheats (note these keys are for
a QWERTY keyboard.. "alt+m" becomes "alt+," on an AZERTY keybord for 

Code      Result
alt+e   - health of all enemy units is 1 now
alt+y   - flags of all events cleared
alt+u   - first tasks in all academies finished
alt+i   - toggle visibility of all units
alt+j   - enable/disable fake times
alt+f   - all buttons and mouse enabled
alt+m   - win mission

Submitted by: rickHH

* Don't underestimate the value of reconnaissance. Lead an assault into
  unknown enemy territory with a bunch of medium Vulcan tanks and you'll
  find out just how fragile they can be.

* Avoid attacking piecemeal. Take the extra turn to make sure everything
  is in place before you assault serious fortifications.

* Use combined arms. Artillery is great for taking out enemy infantry
  before they can lay those rocket launchers on your vehicles. By the
  same token, your tanks are the best weapons against enemy tanks.
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