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 Battlefield - Bad Company 2 Vietnam Cheats

Battlefield - Bad Company 2 Vietnam

Submitted by: Mazid

Can I Go Home Now? (Bronze)           : Achieve a team victory on all Vietnam levels.
Cantankerous Chauffeur (Bronze)       : Get 100 kills with Vietnam tanks.
Doing the Rounds (Bronze)             : Get a kill with all Vietnam vehicles.
Ecstasy of Gold (Bronze)              : Get gold stars on all primary Vietnam weapons 
                                        (Veteran weapons not included).
Ecstasy of Gold (Silver)              : Get gold stars on all primary Vietnam weapons.
Every Gun has a Silver Lining (Bronze): Get silver stars on all primary Vietnam weapons 
                                        (Veteran weapons not included).
Great Balls of Fire (Bronze)          : Get 20 kills with the flamethrower.
Just Because I Can (Bronze)           : Finish 1st on the scoreboard on any Vietnam level.
Ride of the Valkyrie (Bronze)         : Get 50 kills with the helicopter.
Would you Kindly STFU? (Bronze)       : Destroy a Hannoi Hannah propaganda speaker.

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