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 Battle of Britain Cheats

Battle of Britain

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes during game play.

Code       Effect
sea hawk - Long life (since this time is final day of enemys).
fastfire - Rapid fire.
byby     - Seeking missles.
firefest - Long rang flamethrower.
aaa      - Air to air turrits.

Easy bombing:
When bombing with a Stuka, fly at an altitude of 5 feet above the
ground with your landing gear out (to prevent crashing), and just
when you're about to crash into your target, drop your bombs, pull
back on the mouse or joystick and raise your gear. You should have
destroyed your target.

If you're commanding the British war effort, resist the urge to send
every available plane into the air at the first sign of trouble.
Chances are the first sightings of enemy aircraft are nothing more 
than diversions, meant to draw your fighters away from other critical
areas. Instead, withhold the bulk of your available fighter strength 
until you can make a reliable determination that the enemy is indeed 
committing its forces to battle. 

Hint: Penetrating airspace:
Sometimes the most effective way to penetrate Britain's air defenses
is to come in under its radar range by flying below 500 feet. Just 
remember that low-altitude barrage balloons and light antiaircraft 
fire can cause serious damage. What's more, it won't take the average
RAF squadron more than a few minutes to take off and engage your 
low-flying formation. 

Pilot proficiency: 
It's important to routinely examine the proficiency of each of your
squadrons. If you're commanding the RAF, you'll want to use your 
veteran pilots to intercept enemy bombers while your less experienced
fliers grapple with the enemy fighter escorts.

Do not send every available plane into the air. Usually the first 
sightings of enemy aircraft are diversions that are intended to draw
your fighters away from other critical areas. Withhold most of your 
available fighter strength until you can know where the Germans are
committing their forces.

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