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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for Beating the Campaigns and Getting Your Achievements Fast:
Written by Icosidodecahedron

Quick hotkeys that will save you loads of time

-=How to skip the long cinematic intro sequences=-
Press the menu button (Escape) once or twice to reset the camera and 
reveal the start button.

How to reset the level youíre stuck on without exiting to the menu and 
restarting all over again: Press R.

How to skip the long slow motion sequences and reset the awkward preset 
camera angles: Press any camera button (1, 2, etc.) to reset the camera.

How to get out of that cursed Lua console window with no exit while Shift-
tabbing to the Steam overlay (if you know, you know): 
Press Shift + Tilde (~).

-=How to beat the rear-wheel drive driving test (the boat one)=-
Yank the handbrake quickly on every corner with the clutch engaged and 
counter-steer while moderately pressing the throttle (too much and you 
spin out). In other words, send that bih sideways.

How to beat the first race in the free-roam Utah campaign (the one where 
you do it for $200 you never actually earn).
Do not wipe-out right before the first checkpoint at the small cliff above 
the road. You can go around to get on the road. It took me a minute to figure 
it out, so just in case anyone else is going through that embarrassment.

How to beat the delivery mission in the free-roam Utah campaign.
Back up slowly to the trailer to automatically hook it, and then just take 
the road. Thereís no time limit, itís a simple completion mission.

How to beat that awful off-road race in the free-roam Utah campaign
(the one with the tight trenches).
Get in front, but then take your time entering the trenches to not 
receive mechanical damage. Your opponent will most likely crash along 
the way and not pose a threat.

How to beat the first bus mission (the bomb one).
After you help the passengers get on the rescue truck, take the right-hand 
exit into the following yellow checkpoint. Easiest choice to take out of all 
of them.

How to beat the bus mission where you have to follow the car to the studio.
Just follow them and donít get in front. Yes, itís slow af, but thereís no 
time limit. (Gran Turismo 4 Pace Car moment)

How to beat the bus mission where you have to land on the car:
You donít. It takes forever. What helps is to nudge the car right before 
the hairpin it takes. You donít get the bonus points from bumping it 
afterwards, but it slows down enough to where you can fully press on the 
gas after the hairpin and have higher chances of actually landing on it.

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