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  Hints and Tips for: Bedlam 2 
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 Bedlam 2 Cheats

Bedlam 2

Saved game hex cheats:
The "SAVED.BDL" file contains the saved game info. Each of the 5 save game 
slots contains 244 bytes of data. The 9th byte contains which of the 4 
missions in each zone have been completed. As the 4 missions are displayed
in different quadrants of the screen, the hex numbers in this byte mean 
that different missions have been completed depending on which zone the 
saved game is for.

  Zone:    A    B    C    D    E    F    G
  Screen: 1 2  4 3  1 2  3 1  1 3  3 2  only 1
          3 4  1 2  3 4  4 2  4 2  1 4  mission

Hex value  Missions completed
   00      none
   01      upper left
   02      upper right
   03      upper left and upper right
   04      lower left
   05      upper left and lower left
   06      upper right and lower left
   07      upper left, upper right, and lower left
   08      lower right
   09      upper left and lower right
   0A      upper right and lower right
   0B      upper left, upper right, and lower right
   0C      lower left and lower right
   0D      upper left, lower left, and lower right
   0E      upper right, lower left, and lower right
   0F      all

The 13th byte is which zone the game is in (A through G). 
Hex 02 is A, 03 is B, 04 is C, 05 is D, 06 is E, 07 is F, 
and 08 is G. In zone G, there is only 1 mission.

The 23rd, 24th, and 25th bytes contain the amount of money. 
It can be maxed out to $999,999 with the hex values 3F 42 0F.

The 31st and 32nd bytes contain the number of shots in weapon #1.
The 49th and 50th bytes contain the number of shots in weapon #2.
The 67th and 68th bytes contain the number of shots in weapon #3.
The 85th and 86th bytes contain the number of shots in weapon #4.
The 103rd and 104th bytes contain the number of shots in weapon #5.
The 121st and 122nd bytes contain the number of shots in weapon #6.
The 139th and 140th bytes contain the number of shots in weapon #7.
These can be maxed out to 9999 with the hex values 0F 27.

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