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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Item Crafting Recipes:
Written by Zur13

-=Item Crafting Recipes=-
Rock x 3 = Spike
Stick x3 = Bundle
String x3 = Weave
Ember x3 = Phosphor

Blood Moss + Shard + Spike = Caltrops
Blood Moss + Sludge + String = Bandage
Blood Moss + Sludge + Leather = Bandage+
Blood Moss + Sludge + Weave = Salve Strap

Stick + String + Ember = Torch
Stick + Weave + Phosphor = Torch+
Stick + Leather + Shard = Arrow
Bundle + Leather + Shard = Arrow
Spike + Shard + Stick = Spike Arrow
Bundle + Shard + Stick = Spike Arrow
Stick + Leather + Ember = Fire Arrow
Bundle + Leather + Phosphor = Fire Arrow
Stick + String + Phosphor = Bomb Arrow
Bundle + String + Phosphor = Bomb Arrow

Skull + String + Phosphor = Bomb
Skull + Spike + Phosphor = Mine
Stick + Crystal + String = Crystal Rod

Written by Licht
My experiences and findings while below.

* Adding x25 Crystals to a bonefire will turn it blue and it will not burn out.
* Use floor traps and lure big crystal monsters on them to one-hit kill.
* Use spear to kill fish in ponds for filets.

Floor 1 – Shortcut to cave mouth

Floor 2 – Elevator to cave mouth and underground shipwreck grotto

Decend to Floor 3 – Acquired “The Pocket”

Floor 3 – Bank found

+ Mixing x3 embers will make phosphorus which makes explosive arrows (very nice)

/ Spiked arrows will one hit medium crystal monsters

Hidden Controls:
Attacks: RT/R2 executes a basic attack.
Holding LT/L2 will raise your shield.

* If you attack whilst blocking you will perform a short range thrust attack.
* If you tap LT/L2 you will do a shield bash. This will knock back and stun 
  enemies briefly.
* If you do a basic attack after a successful shield bash it will be followed by 
  a long-range thrust attack.
* Holding A (Xbox) or X (PS4) will make you sprint. Attacking with your sword 
  during a sprint will do a vertical power-slice. This move can destroy tripwires, 
  which may drop string.

Extra Controls:
* If you’re holding a torch you can tap LT/L2 to wave your torch in front of you. 
  This can be used as an attack, but can also be used to burn away vines, and 
  light baziers.
* If you hold down on the D-Pad you will sit down. This hides the HUD.
* If you tap down on the D-pad you will drop a crystal shard. These give off 
  the same type of magic light as the lantern. Don’t forget to pick them back up 
* Up on the D-Pad will change your arrow type. Make sure you use the right arrow 
  for the job.

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