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  Hints and Tips for: Be Rich 
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 Be Rich Cheats

Be Rich

Submitted by: David K.
Increasing population:
Don't be afraid to bulldoze parking lots, monuments or roads in
order to build apartments to gain additional population figures.
This is especially useful tip for level 32. 

Easy Money: 
* Apartment blocks will create more income for shops and other
  income producing buildings such as cinemas and amusement parks.

* Chateau's are good to build, upgrade then sell for profits but
  are not great population builders.

Tips - Business, Bonus points and upgrades:
* Replay a level to accrue additional bonus points to acquire business
  upgrades faster OR play the level as quickly as possible and accrue 
  early completion bonus points

* BUY, BUY, and BUY the business upgrades with your bonus points as 
  soon as possible, they will benefit you greatly. I think they are 
  all beneficial, except the VIP unless you want that luxury home 

* Select donation checks from houses quickly as they will disappear 
  and won't be added to your bank account.

*  When space is limited on levels, plan workshop locations by keeping
  in mind the use of the workshop extended repair radius refill button
  (this is a business upgrade).

*  Use the lightning bolt construction upgrade often to increase the 
  speed of the construction of houses and buildings.
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