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  Hints and Tips for: Besiege 
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 Besiege Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Mass of Everything (All Blocks and Level Blocks):
Written by Kuroko
This is a complete list of the mass of every block, including level blocks such as NPCs, 
primitives, etc.
Also contains information about the force of the aerial blocks, pistons, suspensions, 
balloons, etc. such as the propeller angle of zero lift.

Block masses (compared to a ballast slider)
Starting Block: 0.25 µ
Small Wooden Block: 0.30 µ
Double Wooden Block: 0.50 (0.05 µ lighter per block than the Small Wooden Block)
Log Block: 1.00 µ
Wooden Pole: 0.50 µ
Brace / Bracecube: 0.50 µ (independent of length)
Hinge: 0.50 µ
Swivel Joint: 0.50 µ
Ball Joint: 0.50 µ
Wooden Panel: 0.35 µ
Grip Pad: 0.50 µ
Camera Block: 0.00 µ
Smooth Surface (Scaling) Block: equal to whatever mass is input (by default 0.50 µ)

Steering Hinge: 1.00 µ
Steering Block: 1.00 µ
Motor (Powered) Wheel: 1.00 µ
Unpowered Wheel: 1.00 µ
Large Wheel: 1.00 µ
Unpowered Large Wheel: 1.00 µ
Small Wheel: 1.00 µ
Unpowered Medium Cog: 0.50 µ
Powered Medium Cog: 0.50 µ
Unpowered Large Cog: 0.50 µ

Decoupler: 0.50 µ
Contractable Spring: 0.30 µ
Slider: 0.50 µ
Piston: 0.50 µ
Spinning Block: 1.00 µ
Grabber: 0.50 µ
Simple Rope + Winch: 0.50 µ

Metal Spike: 0.30 µ
Metal Blade: 0.30 µ
Circular Saw: 1.00 µ
Drill: 1.00 µ
Cannon: 1.50 µ
Shrapnel Cannon : 1.50 µ
Repeating Crossbow: 0.50 µ
Flame Thrower: 0.30 µ
Vacuum Block: 0.50 µ
Water Cannon: 1.50 µ
Small Torch: 1.00 µ
Bomb: 0.50 µ
Remote Grenade: 0.50 µ
Explosive Rocket: 0.20 µ
Flaming Ball: 0.50 µ
Boulder: 5.00 µ
Flying Block: 0.50 µ
Aerodynamic Propeller: 0.30 µ
Wing: 0.30 µ
Wing Panel: 0.50 µ
Ballast: equal to whatever mass is input (by default 0.50 µ)
Balloon: 0.22 µ (at 0.00 buoyancy)

Metal Plate (small): 0.25 µ
Metal Plate (large): 0.25 µ
Metal Plate (round): 0.50 µ
Plow: 1.00 µ
Half Pipe: 1.00 µ
Hoder: 0.50 µ
Spike Ball: 1.00 µ

-=Modded Blocks:
Spot Light (Special Effects Mod): 0.50 µ
Glass Block (Special Effects Mod): 0.10 µ
Trail Block (Trail Block Mod): 0.01 µ
Sound Block (Sound Blocks Mod): 0.50 µ
Improved Laser Emitter (FIAO Combined Mod): 0.30 µ

-=Additional Block Data
Water Cannon data:
Water Cannon power to support a machine in mid-air = machine mass x 2.485
Nive power = Water Cannon power
Steam Cannon power = 6.00 x Water Cannon power

-=Flying Block data:
Flying Block power to support itself if pointed upwards = 0.164 
(fully stationary in mid-air)
Flying Block power to support a machine = machine mass x 0.331 
(approximately stationary in mid-air)

-=Propeller data:
Small Aerodynamic Propeller: 0.30 µ
Flat angle of lift: 23.06876 (adds no lift to the machine in any direction)

-=Balloon data:
Balloon buoyancy to support its own mass = 0.2578 (fully stationary in mid-air)
Balloon buoyancy to support a machine = machine mass x 1.1805 
(approximately stationary in mid-air)

-=Suspension data:
Mass required to fully contract / expand a suspension = 30 x suspension power

-=Piston data:
Mass required to fully contract / expand a piston = 35 µ
Mass from which a piston cannot fully expand anymore = 40 µ
Mass from which a piston cannot expand at all = 83 µ

Level Blocks masses (compared to a ballast slider)
-=Buildings & Props:
Log Stack: 1.60 µ (by default; adjustable)
Hay Bale: 0.40 µ
Ceramic Pot: 0.20 µ
Barrel: 1.00 µ
Iron Ore: 1.00 µ (by default; adjustable)
Arrow: 10.00 µ
Banner: 1.00 µ
Danger Sign: 1.00 µ
Candle: 0.20 µ
Wood Ladder: 1.00 µ
Plank: 1.00 µ
Scaffold: 3.00 µ
Scaffold Tall: 3.00 µ
Giant’s Sword: 5.00 µ (by default; adjustable)
Hovering Cubic Artifact: it hovers

-=Tiled Pieces & Structures:
Large Door: 10.00 µ
Cone (City Blocks Mod): 1.00 µ
Bench (City Blocks Mod): 1.00 µ
Trash Box (City Blocks Mod): 1.00 µ
White Container (City Blocks Mod): 1.00 µ
Orange Container (City Blocks Mod): 1.00 µ

-=Foliage & Environment:
Fir Tree: 5.00 µ

Highland Cow Bomb: 0.50 µ
Highland Cow: 0.50 µ
Sheep: 0.50 µ
Chicken: 0.50 µ

All humans: 1.00 µ

All primitives: 1.00 µ

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