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  Hints and Tips for: Bigfoot 
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 Bigfoot Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Safes Information:
Written by e10badass

Important Areas:
You can find the weapons locker at the Firewatch Tower. 
The code for the safe can differentiate between all landmarks, but I 
have found the code underneath the rug. The code looks like a piece 
of paper which you can interact with. 
The safe will have the M4.
The Sniper can be found at Grant Grove Village. 
The safe code can be found at any landmark.
The final area, contains dynamite. 
It is located at Ceder Grove Lodge. 
The safe code also randomises around landmarks.

Secrets and Tips:
Written by Nanachi
-=TIP 1=-
If you shoot a rocket from your flare gun (you need to hit Bigfoot) or 
use a signal flare Bigfoot will run away.

-=TIP 2=-
The tracking bullets will last about 2 minutes. Make sure to make as much 
of your time as possible whilst you’re tracking him.

-=TIP 3=-
BIGFOOT will roar every now and then. This will give you a good indication 
of where he is.

-=TIP 4=-
Make sure to make good use of your traps. These badboys deal a good amount 
of damage compared to your rifle.

-=TRICK 5=-
If you go to the back of the old mine and have a guy with large feet chasing 
you, he’ll try to enter and get stuck because he’s too big. 
Easy kill if you have enough bullets. (or stab him to death)

-=SECRET 1=-
Type "bigfoot" in your tablet search bar and you’ll have a laugh.

-=SECRET 2=-
If you look in the back of the Valhalla Cave you’ll find something MARVELous.

Bigfoot Mysteries Redwood:
Written by ariels8

Knocking is a very known mystery as no one knows what it is.
Some people think its bigfoot hitting the trees to communicate with the player.
Those people translate
1 knock is "Hi"
2 knocks is "I hear you"
3 knocks is "I am coming"
Now we dont have proof of bigfoot actually hitting the trees which kinda breaks 
the theory.
So i went on a research alone and figured out that it is a random event just 
like lightning, tree falling, plane(we will get to it after this), sounds in 
the woods etc.
And in winter park yo ucna hear the tree knocking before he attacks u but its 
just a random event which in winter park is probably in time periods before the 
attack and if it was the bigfoot he would’ve attacked very fast after 3 knockings 
which doesn’t happened.
The plane is a random event that makes sound all over the map and no one really 
knows what it is.
I was thinking to myself how do the publish world(of bigfoot) knows that the hunter 
is still alive because we know that in 3.0 there was a paper in the news about 
"new victims" meaning something needs to see the hunters alive which is the Plane.

We dont get to see and news before/after the game but as for the publicity in the 
bigfoots world the plane is the thing that keeps updating if us the hunters are 
still alive.
Aliens is the biggest mystery in my opinion because there are a lot of theories of 
what they could be doing the biggest being that the aliens brought bigfoot to the 
forest but then we have some questions which completely bust the theory which being.
1.then why we can make them come by damaging the radio tower
2.why doesn’t bigfoot has some weapons(alienish weapons not spears signs etc.)
3.why doesn’t bigfoot make the aliens come sometimes
Now you might ask then whats the answer and well it is that bigfoot had been in 
the forest and the aliens used the existing radio tower to learn about bigfoot 
because he is a such intresting creature and unusual and unique etc.

Thats all i have but if i missed anything let me know
this was all taken form the book "The rare plants" which is for advanced level 
players big shutout for the author of the book.

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