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 Birds of Prey Cheats

Birds of Prey

Map On/Off M
Go To Refuel And Load Weapons Screen SpaceBar
Go Direct To Mission Enter

Refuel And Load Weapons Screen

Begin Mission Spacebar



Pause/Unpause F4
Sound On/Off S
Eject/End Mission Esc.
Quit Game Cntr-C** (hit C Twice)
Decrease Mouse Sensitivity F6**
Increase Mouse Sensitivity Shift F6**

Informational Controls
Hud On/Off D
Instrument Panel On/Off W
Swithch HUD Mode I
Switch MFD Modes M
Selet Pylon (stores mode) K
Switch Radar Mode (radar mode) N
Switch Destinations (Nav. mode) N
Zoom In (map mode) ;
Zoom Out (map mode) Shift ;(:)

Engine On/Off J
Increase Throttle = (keyboard)
Decrease Throttle - (keyboard)
Cycle Minimum/Militar/Maximum Thrust Caps-Lock**

Auto Center On/Off Tab
Joystick O**

Peddal/Rudder Control/Second J.S. Rudder Shift O**
Pitch Down Alt
Pitch Up Alt
Roll Left Alt
Roll Right Alt

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