Blake Stone - Planet Strike Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Blake Stone - Planet Strike 
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 Blake Stone - Planet Strike Cheats

Blake Stone - Planet Strike

Cheat Codes:
Update by: liran

Command Line Options:
If debug mode isn't enough, here's a few more command-line options. 

Code         Effect
POWERBALL    Debug mode (see above)
TICS         Display TIC INFO in score area
MUSIC        Enable music test mode. 
             Press Backspace followed
             by any arrow key to change music.
RADAR        Displays radar.

Debug Mode 
To access debug mode, start the game with the command "bstone powerball".
When the Jam logo appears, press and hold Left Shift, then press and hold
Right Shift. If you did this right, a sound will chime.

To use debug mode, enter any of the commands below while playing: 

BACKSPACE, B -- Border color 
BACKSPACE, C -- Statistics 
BACKSPACE, D -- Invisibility 
BACKSPACE, E -- Jumps ahead to end of next level 
BACKSPACE, F -- Displays x and y coordinates and angle 
BACKSPACE, G -- God mode on/off (when ON you cannot be hurt) 
BACKSPACE, H -- Hurt yourself (minus 1% health) 
BACKSPACE, I -- Free items 
BACKSPACE, M -- Displays memory usage 
BACKSPACE, O -- Show hidden walls on auto mapper 
BACKSPACE, P -- Pause screen 
BACKSPACE, Q -- Quit to DOS 
BACKSPACE, S -- Slow motion on/off 
BACKSPACE, T -- Displays walls, sprites, and sound waveforms 
BACKSPACE, U -- Unlock all floor 
BACKSPACE, V -- Add extra VBLs (huh?) 
BACKSPACE, W -- Warp to any level 

Full Life, Ammo and More 
While playing, type "JAM" then hit ENTER. 
You will gain full life, ammo, access cards, 
and all guns but your score will drop to 0. 
Here are some more codes to help you out.  

+ - Collect all bonus items (gold, ammo, health, etc...) 
+ - Kill all actors. 
+ - Collect all bonus items AND kill all actors. 

Bonus items:
Press 6 + 7 during game play. 

Kill all people:
Press 7 + 8 during game play. 

Bonus items and kill all people:
Press 6 + 8 during game play. 

One shot kills:
When aimed correctly, you can kill almost any enemy with one shot with the auto 
charge pistol (ACP). However, this trick does not work against all enemies.

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