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  Hints and Tips for: Blightbound 
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 Blightbound Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Keep Notoriety After Desync:
Written by Mr. September

Bypassing a Desync

I'll keep it short. Everyone who played this game with the same team for more 
than 3 rounds know that they desync after a prolonged connection to the same 
team. The devs fixed it but it is still likely to happen, though rarer now. 
This simple guide will tell you what to do when a desync happens to keep your 

Determine who the "leader" or "host" is first. The host or leader is the person 
who invited the other two members in a premade team. With random matchmaking, 
it's a hassle to perform desync bypass.
Communication in some form with your team members is essential to not mess it up.

* Notice the desync signs. Characters walking in place, gliding, monsters 
  becoming unkillable and so on. Tell the others if they didn't notice yet.
* When you are sure there is a desync, ALT + F4 and force close the game. Do 
  not ALT + F4 if you are the "leader". Only the other two players are supposed 
  to force close the game, which will result in a "defeat" (which is good).
* After making sure only the non-host players closed their games, the host 
  should stay in the defeat screen until the others use Steam overlay/friends 
  list to join the host. I repeat, the host should stay and wait at the Defeat 
  screen until the other two joins!
* After the two members join the host when the host is at the Defeat screen, 
  you can tell the host to click Continue.
* If you did it right, the host will keep the Notoriety level. The other players 
  will see different values but the host will retain the Notoriety.
* Rinse and repeat if a desync occurs again. It's worth the trouble of restarting 
  the game to prevent loss of progress.

This method was discovered by a friend of mine and we did benefit from it a lot. 
I hope this trick will be useful for many others before the devs fix the desync 
problem for good.

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