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  Hints and Tips for: Blip & Blop - Balls of Steel 
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 Blip & Blop - Balls of Steel Cheats

Blip & Blop - Balls of Steel

Submitted by: conner54
Update by: DSFDSF

If you start the game using the '/cheat' flag, you can 
use the function keys (F1, F2, etc.) to cheat. 
Hint:Blip has no cap on his head, giving him a slightly 
smaller size and giving him improved dodging ability. 
This is particularly important when fighting against 
Lara Croft, as there are spots in which you are 
invulnerable if you are Blip.

Cheat Codes:
Start the game with the /cheat command line parameter to enable 
cheat mode. Then, press one of the following keys to activate the 
cheat function. 

Result                           Key
More ammo for player one       - [F1]
More cow bombs for player one  - [F2]
More lives for player one      - [F3]
More ammo for player two       - [F5]
More cow bombs for player two  - [F6]
More lives for player two      - [F7]
Level skip                     - [F9]

More firepower and easy lives:
In single player mode, you can get more firepower and more lives by 
setting the controls of both players to be exactly the same. For example, 
player one: Fire=Space and player two Fire=Space. By doing this, you can 
focus on one blob, but the other blob will move with and shoot with you. 
This kills more enemies and gets you to higher levels. A good idea is 
to set the special key to a different button for each player so that you 
can get double the cow bombs.

Defeating Dario in fire form:
To defeat this Boss, dodge his fire attacks and only attack him when he is turned. 
When he is weak he will use a very powerful combo which will cover the entire screen 
if completed and take off two on you if it hits. He will launch various fireballs. 
Try to get a hold of laser beams to take off damage. This Boss normally requires 
two to four lives to kill.

The six weapons available are the Gun, Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Flamethrower, 
Laser Beam and Cow Bomb. Each has different strengths and weaknesses: 
The attack speed rating is an estimate of about how many times that weapon 
shoots each minute.

Gun: Average in large crowds and weak against Bosses (weak damage). 
Its attack speed is about 1000. 

Machine Gun: Good in large crowds and average against Bosses (medium damage). 
Its attack speed is about 1000. 

Shot Gun: Weak in large crowds and good against Bosses (medium-high damage). 
Its attack speed is about 45. 

Flamethrower: Very good in large crowds and against Bosses (high damage). 
Its attack speed is about 3500. 

Laser Beam: Legendary in large crowds and against Bosses (very high damage). 
Its attack speed is about 3000. 

Cow Bomb: One hit K.O. in large crowds and ultimate damage against Bosses 
(ultimate damage). Its attack speed is about 50. 

Secret weapon:
If you complete a level without being damaged or you have full HP and have not 
lost any lives after completing one level, you will get a Laser Beam (Blip) or 
a Flamethrower (Blop) for the next level. They are very useful for bonus levels 
to get extra help on the following levels.

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