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  Hints and Tips for: Blood Omen 2 
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 Blood Omen 2 Cheats

Blood Omen 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: arun porakash

Invulnerability - Invincibility:
Go into your Blood Omen 2 directory (i.e. c:\games\blood omen 2 . etc)
Get into Data folder and locate "game.erg" file. You can open it with
notepad. Within "game.erg" locate the following line: 

"-BO2 Kain Debug Flags\kain's invulnerable"=1

All you need to do is to delete "-" so the line would read: 

"BO2 Kain Debug Flags\kain's invulnerable"=1

Full Health:
Submitted by: Undergrads2003

Press Attack, Shift, Shift, Forward, Attack, Center, Enter.

Full Magic:
Press Right, Right, Attack, Action, Up, Down, Right, Left.

View Dark Diary:
Press Left, Right, Attack, Action, Up, Down, Right, Left.

Power-Up Mode (Version 1.02 and higher only):

You have to do this fast, At the Main Menu hit [Block], [Auto Face], [Dark Gift 
Menu], [Look Around],[Action],[Use Dark Gift], [Blood Suck]. Kain will say Go 
Cheese then just start up a new game and you will have the Soul Reaver and Iron

Level select:
Use a text editor to edit the "game.erg" file in the "data" folder in the game
folder. Locate the following line and replace its value with one of the names 
in the "data" folder: 


Raising Kain's lore:
When you encounter a save point, avoid it. Instead, first kill all the enemies
ahead. After your satisfied with the amount of enemies you have killed, backtrack
to the save point that was skipped and hit it. The game records your current lore
level at this point. Next, after the save point is hit, kill yourself. Therefore
when you regenerate at the save point, you will have the same amount of lore. All
the enemies that you already killed are back. Kill them again and get even more 
lore. The Relic Boxes also work in the same way. 

Defeating Sarafan guards:
If a guard is a good distance away from you, use the Charm spell. The Charm
spell will not succeed in controlling them, but it will succeed in confusing
them. The guard will hold his head with both hands, as if they he has a sudden
headache. During this time, dispose of the guard with any desired weapon. The
easiest way is to cast Charm, walk up to them, lift them off their feet, then
decapitate them with the axe sword.

Jumping to Rune Knights:
Around the middle of the Wharves chapter is a place where you have to 
constantly jump across a river with one Rune Knight in each area you jump 
to. Before you jump, hit the Rune Knight twice with Telekinesis. When you 
jump, try to make the jump indicator red so that you hit the Rune Knight.
While he is on the ground, draw your weapons or get your claws out. 
Immediately when he stands, start attacking and catch him off guard. Two
hits should be required with bare claws and only one hit with some sort 
of weapon.

Defeating Magnus:
Magnus is fairly simple to defeat. When he is standing in the middle of the 
giant fountain that is surrounded by statues, run and hide behind the closest
one. He will try to burn you, but will hit the statue. Jump out and shoot him
with Telekinesis very quickly. Once he falls into the water, run behind the 
next statue until he tries to burn you again and repeat the process until he
leaves. It should only take three times. In the next room you will see giant 
statues holding scythes. Magnus cannot burn you anymore, but he will charge 
into you. Do not bother hitting him. It does not do any good. Get in front of
one of these statues and get him to charge you. When he does, dodge him and 
he will run into the scythe, breaking it. Once it breaks, you will see a 
glowing telekinetic switch. Jump onto one of the boulders or platforms so 
Magnus cannot get you, and shoot the switch. The statue will open its arms.
Do that to all of the statues and the gigantic statue in the middle of the 
room will be put back together. Get Magnus to charge into the base of the 
weapon that the statue is holding the same way as before. When it breaks, 
make him charge into the base until the statue falls and crushes him. Just 
stand next to it and shoot Magnus with Telekinesis. That should make him 
charge you. 

Defeating the big mosquitoes:
In almost every scene, the enemies have boundaries that they cannot cross. If
you find these boundaries, the mosquitoes will be waiting on the opposite side
for you to cross back over. Use the jump attack by jumping over and kicking them.
Then, before they recover, run back over the boundary line. After four kicks the 
mosquitoes will die. It is more difficult when there are two waiting for you, 
but can still be done.

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