Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 
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 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Cheats

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enter the password as your file name when starting a New Game.
Written by HiroTenKai

Code               Effect
NIGHTMARE         : Unlock Hard/Nightmare modes from the begining.
BIGHEAD           : Activates Big Head Mode
Akuma             : Dominus – Weapon
8MEGAPOWER        : Game Sack Strip – Weapon
DUNGEONITE        : Dungeonite Sword – Weapon
JEPSON            : Clockwork Blade – Weapon
ALPHAOMEGASIN     : Darkness Descends – Weapon
STEPHENPLAYS      : Sicilian Slicer – Weapon
SPONGYVINE        : Vine Sword – Weapon
TheSpeedGamers    : Final Hour – Weapon
EGGFARM           : Guardian Egg Helm – Head
INTHEBATHROOM     : Dumpling Helmet – Head
chuggaaconroy     : Space Helmet – Head
Jarvis Meower     : Mega64 Helmet – Head
AWESOMEVIDEOGAMES : Big Moustache – Accessory
BULLFIGHTER       : The Baz Mask – Accessory
TEAMFAT           : A Kinda Funny Mask – Accessory
swimmingbird      : Plague Doctor Face – Accessory
Egoraptor         : Hey I’m A Grump – Accessory
Grumps            : I’m Not So Grump – Accessory

How to Skip Spiked Gears after Gaget Headwear:
Written by JamesDreemurr

Simple trick to gain Height off of Dullahammer heads.

-=Kick jumping basics=-
Bloodstained has a lesser known mechanic shared in the castlevania franchise 
where jumping while holding the analog stick or S key in the air will perform 
a downward kick this can be used off of enemies to gain height and refresh double 
jump allowance, now that you know this on the trick

-=Dullahammer spawning=-
In the topmost room just after the first half of the twin dragon spire a room with 
a large rotating gears leading to spikes on the ceiling will constantly spawn 
Dullahammer heads on Miriams current Y coordinate that travel across the room we 
can use this to force a monster to spawn just below the scalable platform to the 
right of the gear and kick off a head to land on it.

(After thoughts)

To be honest I have no idea where I should be going at the current point in the game 
I do not know if this method is intended to be the way forward but given how scarce 
the information on this move has been I am fairly certain it isn't

Side note if you have the Bunnymorphesis spirit and perform a kick jump it does 
pretty substantial damage based off your Intelligence I believe no idea how long 
this will stay in the game.

How to Dodge Cancel and Attack Cancel:
Written by Dread Pirate Tuco

You can skip the part of a dodge that doesn't give you I-frames and skip the ending-lag 
of an attack by following these two simple tips.

Here are two quick tips I learned from my first little bit of playtime. I didn't see 
a guide on this already so I decided to make one myself! I've never written a guide 
before, so please let me know if I miss anything.

-=How to Dodge Cancel
This one is easy. Just press down while dodging. This can be done to skip ending lag 
after the "useful" part of the dodge is over.

Alternatively, you can attack to dodge-cancel, but this can be risky, since you'll 
have to go through the entire attack animation.

-=Speaking of that...
How to Attack Cancel

This one can take a bit more practice, but doing it correctly will help yo
u deal damage 
and not have to worry about the ending lag of an attack. Do a short jump. 
Then as soon as you start to fall: attack. The timing is key. When you hit the ground 
the attack's ending animation is skipped.

You can get the timing in your head if you practice it a little. Be careful not to 
attack too late (or land too soon) or the entire attack will be skipped. 
And if you attack too soon (or land too late) you won't skip the attack because 
it'll finish mid-air. 

You want to land once the attack has dealt damage. 
Try shorter and shorter hops to see how low you can go and how quickly you can combo!

How to Skip Intro Videos:
Follow these steps:

* Go in your Steam library, right click on Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, 
  click Properties, then go in the Local Files tab, and click Browse Local Files.
* A window will open displaying the game files installed on your computer. 
  Now follow this folder path:
* Delete or rename BS_Shard_Intro_Ident_V3.mp4
* Done, now the intro movies will not play anymore.

Note: A game update may restore the files.

Secret treasure chests:
After obtaining the Invert shard, go to the room directly below OD's library to 
find a chute beneath his chair. Use the Invert shard to push him up to the ceiling, 
then use the Invert again to return things to normal. If done correctly, two treasure 
chests will appear when you land back on the floor. One treasure chest contains the 
Nose Glasses item, and the other one contains the Macaroni and Cheese. Additionally, 
you will get the "Déjà Vu" achievement when doing this secret. This secret is a 
reference to a similar one found in Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night.

Infinite MP:
Collect 100% of the shards. Then, go to Arvantville and enter Johanne's room to find 
a chest in the middle of the room that contains Gebel's Glasses, which give unlimited
MP when equipped.

Play as Bloodless:
Enter "BLOODLESS" as a case-sensitive file name when starting a new game to play as the 
Vampiress, Bloodless. You will start from the room where Bloodless is normally battled 
at the upper corridors of the Dian Cécht Cathedral. 
Note: The game must be Version 1.18 or higher for this code to work.

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