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  Hints and Tips for: Bloons Tower Defense 
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 Bloons Tower Defense Cheats

Bloons Tower Defense

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

All you have to do is buy as many Dart Monkeys as you can and give all of them
"Piercing darts" and "long range darts" and then pack them around the enterance
and none should geht through.

Web Browser Game Hints:
All you have to do is put a load of bomb towers and monkeys in the first little
turn and then surround it with monkeys and then save up for a super monkey. And
BTW level 50 with 40 lives 1 super monkey, 2 tack towers (good crowd thinners),
10 cannon towers, and 40 monkeys. Dont buy freeze towers and BTD 2 is way harder.

* For the first few levels, get enough money to build 4-5 Dart Towers in the 
  middle of the screen between the two paths. Donít buy anything else or upgrade
  anything else. After youíve got 4-5 Dart Towers in the middle of the screen, 
  upgrade each one with the Piercing Darts upgrade. Once thatís done, upgrade 
  each one with the Long Range Darts upgrade. From then on, everytime you get 
  enough money, buy a Dart Tower and place it on any corner of a path. 
  Then upgrade it again with the Piercing Darts upgrade FIRST and THEN the Long
  Range Darts upgrade SECOND. Keep doing this until you have about 10 Dart Towers
  on the screen (5 in the middle, 5 on the corners of paths).

* After that, start buying Tack Towers and placing them on the corners of paths. 
 After buying one, do not buy another right away. Upgrade it FIRST with the 
 Faster Shooting upgrade and AFTER with the Extra Range Tacks upgrade. Make sure
 to upgrade in the order Iím telling you or you wonít stand a chance at winning.

Ice Towers do not destroy any bloons at all. They are a complete waste of your 
time. Bomb Towers fire too slowly and do not destroy Black Bloons, the ones you
will have trouble with the most on the later levels. Once youíve got about 10 
Dart Towers and 10 Tack Towers set up in the positions Iíve told you to place 
them, start saving cash for the Super Monkey. Youíll need $4,000 to buy it, 
but if you have done what I said above, youíll easily be able to go through 
10-15 levels and get the cash you need to buy it. The Super Monkey is awesome.
Remember to place it in the middle of the screen (sell one of the first Dart 
Towers you built in the middle of the screen if you donít have enough room to
place the Super Monkey). From there, itís a piece of cake. Just let the Super
Monkey do all the work for you and once you have enough money, buy more Super

* Build about 5 monkey towers in good place, upgrade them before buying new ones.
* Then stick a couple tack towers in original path.
* Add monkeys if you need.
* Then when you have about 3000.
* Save.
* And buy supermonkey.
* Continue with supermonkey, save.
* Sell more shit, buy more supermonkey.
* Repeat.

Easy peacy:
Place your super monkies in the middle with extra range and use lots and lots
of tacks.

Getting started:
Submitted by: Big B

To get started get 5 monkey towers upgrade with extra range and pierce darts get and 
upgrade 2 tack towers until you have 7,000 money sell monkey's and tack towers buy 2 
super monkeys 1 on each side and upgrade range then stick 4 tack towers you should be 
about level 42 get 1 more super monkey and urade util level 50 then finaly but sadly 
your game is over you can try a different position of army and it will usualy change 
the score.

Fast forwarding:
Instead of holding the "Fast Forward" button, click on it and hold, then Right Click.
It will fast forward by itself. Note: You will not be able to do anything else until 
you click on the normal screen.

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