Blue Lightning Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Blue Lightning 
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 Blue Lightning Cheats

Blue Lightning

Cheat Codes:
codes are:

Level   Password
1     - AAAA
2     - PLAN
3     - ALFA
4     - BELL
5     - NINE
6     - LOCK
7     - HAND
8     - FLEA
9     - LIFE

You can land upside down on the Courrier Run mission (LOCK).

Bonus Points:
For bonus points, hit your afterburniners as you enter the canyons
on level BELL. The Gutsy Bonus will give you 30,000 points ("You've
got guts!") When you're in the canyons fire your afterburners for 
65,000 points (Lunatic Bonus) "You're crazy!!" The points are added
when you land - but if you do both, it will only display the Lunatic
Bonus, but you get points for both. (A good place for the second 
bonus is right before you enter the second set of canyons).
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