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  Hints and Tips for: Bobo Robot 
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 Bobo Robot Cheats

Bobo Robot

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Speedrun Achievement Guide:
Written by Zilexion

This guide aims to provide some very basic tips and advice for getting 
the Speedrun achievement.

Disclaimer: I have yet to return to do another speedrun for the purpose of 
getting screenshots and jogging my memory, as such the route information 
later in this guide will be pretty bare bones. I donít consider this guide 
"complete" but do consider it "functional".

Bobo Robot, the cute little sort-of-metroidvania. Itís speedrun achievement 
baffled me until I learned two little tricks. Hopefully this guide and trick 
will help you get the achievement without too much difficulty. So what are 
these game changing tricks?

Pausing: Yup, pausingÖ thatís the trick. Why is it Ďtheí game changer? 
Because pausing the game doesnít actually pause the game, but it does pause 
the in-game timer, and thatís what the achievement cares about. Anytime you 
would need to stand still, simply pause the game and save time, itís really 
that easy. Standing on a button? Waiting for/in an elevator? Waiting for a 
door? Staring at a frog? Waiting to finish respawning? Pause as much as you 
can throughout the run and you should be golden.

Respawning: I know, doesnít sound exciting, but in the options menu you can 
respawn, doing so will send you back to the last respawner to usedÖ or to 
the ship if you havenít used one in the current areaÖ and when you respawn, 
youíll still be carrying whatever you were carrying at the time. I.e. no 
need to backtrack.

01: Make your way to the gun, hook back gun through bamboo, you donít need 
    to go under to get to the key, just keep jumping and youíll get over,   
    I donít know why.
02: Go to the ship and mash dialogue.
03: Go right, activate respawner, get ship part.
04: Use Respawner, put ship part in, go get the second ship part.
05: Use respawn warp to get back to the ship quick, put the part in and 
    mash more dialogue.
06: Fly away, mash through some more dialogue and veer left to the frog swamp.
07: Open the door by jumping a few times. Iím not entirely certain if the 
    jumps need to be a certain height or location, i did them on the small 
    platform out from the door.
08: Drop down into the water, and head down, go press the button, when the 
    enemies spawn, respawn.
09: return, grab the key, and head left then up.
10: donít use the respawner, just stare at the frog.
11: frog boss, I donít genuinely know if this boss can even attack, Iíve 
    always beat it before it ever seemingly could get a single attack off.
12: Mash more dialogue, pick up the powerup, mash more dialogue, respawn 
    and leave the area.
13: Head right to the outpost, moving your ship in the room you should be 
    able to take the upper path right without wasting time shooting a button.
14: Continuing right and on the upper path youíll reach the ship gun, which 
    you can get with the key you took from frog swamp.
15: Respawn and leave, return to starting area, and veer hard left until
    you reach the crashed ship, grab the keycard, then respawn and leave.
16: Return to outpost and get its key, respawning to leave.
17: Head up, but before going to the big ship, veer left, and make sure you 
    shoot the two tiles of barrier to the final area, this is important.
18: Get into the big ship, and immediately veer down to leave. When youíre 
    out the barrier to the final area should be gone.
19: Final area ahoy, robots donít hurt you on touch so simply avoid their 
    projectiles, jump on/over them, and get to the end. When you see the 
    fork in the road down and to the left, head left with the key you got 
    from the outpost, as you no longer need the key down there. Use the 
    respawner here to respawn warp from the buttons.
20: Throughout this guide, I left it up to you to spot times and places to use 
    pausing, but the final big fall you can actually pause in the air, it 
    doesnít save much time, but if you made mistakes along the way, (like i 
    did) itís a nice final spot to save some seconds.

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