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  Hints and Tips for: Bot Colony 
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 Bot Colony Cheats

Bot Colony

Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your achievements
and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the game hub that corresponds 
to [Bot Colony]. Select the "View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option for 
your username's achievements.

Achievement                  How to unlock
41rp0r7                    - Complete the Airport level.
Alone in the House         - Find out why Masaya is alone at home.
Artificial Intelligence    - Decrease the Human Detection Meter 100 times.
Avid of Knowledge          - Ask for 5 different definitions.
Baggage Handler            - Get your briefcase without knocking any other bags onto the floor.
Close Encounter            - Complete the Training.
Contact Network            - Speak to 20 different robots.
Electronic System          - Decrease the Human Detection Meter 50 times.
Hero of the Day            - Successfully dispose of the trapped suitcase.
Hoarder                    - Fill the Inventory.
I Know What You Did        - Learn a total of 40 facts about the family.
I'm Lost                   - Ask for 10 different hints from MIKI-05.
In+R|_||)3r                - Complete Intruder.
Insructor                  - Teach a command to one of the robots.
Investigator               - Learn a total of 20 facts about the family.
Making Connections         - Speak to 10 different robots.
Master Mind                - Perfect Intruder without ever opening the photos.
Mechanical Limbs           - Decrease the Human Detection Meter 25 times.
Mentalist                  - Succeed a game of 20 Questions with Charlie.
Mentor                     - Teach a command to 3 different robots.
NSA Agent                  - Learn About Bjorn Forsberg and his organization.
Permanent Resident         - Play a total of 5 hours.
Professor                  - Teach 30 different facts to a single robot.
Rich                       - Possess 1,000 Leks.
Richer                     - Posses 5,000 Leks.
Richest                    - Possess 10,000 Leks.
Robotic Marathon           - Play continuously for 2 hours.
Short Memory               - Ask the robots to repeat themselves 5 times.
Sinister Truth             - Validates the suspicions about Masaya.
Teacher                    - Teach 20 different facts to a single robot.
That's NOT the Bomb!       - Locate the bomb without disposing of any personal property.
The Ends Justify the Means - Get VC-009 to open the Hunter-Bot room doors.
Tourist                    - Ask for directions 5 times.
Trainer                    - Teach a command to 2 different robots.
Tutor                      - Teach 10 different facts to a single robot.
Welcome to Bot Colony      - Name your character.
Without a Trace            - Perfect Intruder.
Yellow Pages               - Speak to 30 Different robots.

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