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  Hints and Tips for: BRAIN - OUT 
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 BRAIN - OUT Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Shooting Range and How to Get Better:
Written by KGB!

The shooting range is a daily challenge added in the update 1.3 of Brain 
Out. In this mini-game you have to shoot targets and get a certain amount 
of point to get a standard container. You can also get special weapons and 
suits if you're able to get in the top 3 with a certain score.

I've myself been able to get one weapon already and I might get a second 
one soon as I'm second in the top 3 (I'll get a sort of Makarov).

In this guide I'll show you special things of the shooting range that 
will help you improving your score.

-=The Basic Things=-

The Targets:
They are kinda small, this mean you might not land all your shot in it if you're 
shooting with automatic weapons (pink). Only one of them get up at the same time 
in the shooting range during 3 second.

The Guns:
You can get various guns, the time I create this guy we got: snipers, pistol and 
rifles. Depending on the gun of the challenge, you get different shooting range 

For the snipers you get a shooting range with targets really far away from 
position, you're also placed on a tower. I really found this challenge hard, I 
had trouble hiting the target fast enough.

For the pistols you get a shooting range with targets really close to you. But 
don't you think it's easy, the only challenge with pistol we got for now is the 
Rhino, a revolver, and I wasn't able to do the challenge.

For the rifles, it's kinda easy. You get a shooting range with medium range 
targets, you're able to shoot in automatic and land 3/4 of the shots in it if 
you aim fast enough (green).

How It Ends:
The first condition for it is really easy to understand: you have a chrono of 2 
minutes (orange). But for those who already tested it, you might have seen the 
challenge ending before the chrono ends. You get a certain amount of ammo (I 
think you get the maximum amount) and when you shot all your bullets, it ends 
(light blue).

-=How to Get Better=-
I. Training
You can get to those shooting range by yourself without doing the challenge, 
you can go through doors and go outside and they will lead you to different 
shooting range, that are different so you can test different position and range 
with any gun you have in your inventory. The only problem is that you can't test 
every gun, most of the gun in the challenge are guns you won't have if you're 
a low level player. You have a limited amount of ammo too, you need to swipe 
between gun to get ammo back, this should be fixed later.

II. The time is important, but the bullet are even more
You have 2 minute to land the maximum amount of bullet in targets but remember 
you have a certain amount of bullet, don't waste them. I can't tell how many 
time my chrono stopped at 15 secondes just because I used all my bullet. This 
mean you have to use your ammo during those 2 minutes but take your time to 
put the bullets in the targets. This just need some training to get used to it.

III. A big part of luck
There's different range of targets in every shooting range, some are close and 
some are far. This mean some targets will be easy to hit... and some no. For 
now the targets getting up are random, this mean you can only have close targets 
or far targets. You need to try again and again the challenge to get good 
targets, this mean don't ??? up when you get good target!

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