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  Hints and Tips for: Breathedge 
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 Breathedge Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Increase FPS:
Written by Skeppich

First enter these commands into the console (the console opens 
when you press the ~ button).

r.ScreenPercentage 0 

This command deteriorates - improves the image, the smaller the 
value, the worse the graph. I advise you to put 35-25 if very weak PC.

SSR.MaxRoughness 0 
SSR.Quality 0 

These two commands degrade graphics. 
This is the only thing they need to register every time you enter the game.

Here is the list of the different game commands available in Breathedge. 
While playing the game, press Tilde ~ (the key above TAB) to display the 
console window.

Breathedge Cheat Codes
Modify motion blur mode:

r_MotionBlur 0

This option can be found in the Graphics settings. However, it can be changed 
manually. Set the integer to 0 to disable motion blur, set it to 1 for camera 
blur, and 2 for object blur.

Disable HUD:

g_showHUD 0

To disable HUD, set the integer to 0, to enable set it to 1.

Modify gravity:

p_gravity_z -13

The default value is -13.

Modify FOV:

cl_fov 60

The default value is 60. We recommend 90-100 for maximum experience without 
a lot of model clipping or unintentional texture glitches.

Quit to desktop:


This command is just the letter q.

Show FPS:

stat fps

Modifies the display gamma level:

GAMMA [value]

Modify anti-aliasing mode:

r_antialiasingmode 0

Default value is 0, can be changed to 1 for SMAA 1x, 2 for SMAA 1TX, 3 for SMAA 2x. 
This will adversly affect performace. These options can also be found in the 
Advanced Graphics options.

Disable VSync:

r_vsync 0

Use this to disable VSync to potentially increase performance. It is important 
to note that disabling this will allow screen tearing to occur. 
Set the integer to 0 to disable VSync, and 1 to re-enable it.

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