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  Hints and Tips for: Bridge Constructor Portal 
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 Bridge Constructor Portal Cheats

Bridge Constructor Portal

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Note: You must complete the game to get all these achievements. 
This guide will help you!

Extended Testing Opportunity   - Finish every test chamber in Chapter #1.
Food and Artificial Sunlight   - Finish every test chamber in Chapter #2.
Post-Insignificance            - Finish every test chamber in Chapter #3.
Official Pre-Admittance        - Finish every test chamber in Chapter #4.
Full Chief Custodian candidate - Finish every test chamber in Chapter #5.
Spectacularly Lonely           - Finish every test chamber in Chapter #6.

-=Convoy Achievements=-
66% Loss            - 20 Convoys delivered.
66% Delivery        - 40 Convoys delivered.
0% Non-Delivery     - 60 Convoys delivered.

Portal Achievements 
For Science!        - 1,000 Portal Transitions.
For More Science!   - 5,000 Portal Transitions.

-=Misc. Achievements=-
Centrifugal Convoy Adjustment System - Passed through the same portal 15 times.
Entry-Exit Relay Repeater System     - 30 times back and forth through the same 
Aerial Mobility Support System       - Bounced 25 times on the repulsion gel 
                                       with the same vehicle.
No Hard Feelings                     - First turret decomissioned.
You monster                          - 100 Test Vehicles destroyed.

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