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  Hints and Tips for: Broke Protocol 
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 Broke Protocol Cheats

Broke Protocol

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Rob the Bank:
This guide will hopefully help new people who don't know how to rob the bank.

Things You'll Need

-=A bomb=-
Bombs can be found at airport (little icon on the map). When you 'collect' it,
you are going to get a star for robbery (4 minutes, 2 minutes jail time.)

-=3 Cuffs=-
This is easy. Just get the police job or wait for police to die (NPCs are 
usually pretty agressive and will attack each others and police usually 
joins and dies.) or buy some if you just joined the server and you have 
your 1000 dollars with you. 

-=Gun and some ammo=-
Again, easiest way to get this is getting the police job. You get Glock and 
about 50 ammo + cuffs + taser. Of course, you are gonna need some money to 
get the job, but assuming you just joined and didn't die, you have 1000 dollars.

-=Head to the Bank=-
The bank is near gas station, after the bridge. Look at the map and look for 
it's icon. If you are on popular server, I'd suggest you to leave your car 
behind the building or somewhere where people don't notice it and steal it 
or wait for you to come out and shoot you.

-=Inside the Bank=-
There are 3 cops, 2 on the first floor and 1 down next to the vault door. 
If you have no stars and you have cuffs, you should arrest the cops. 
This usually is the best option, because they won't respawn and kill 
you after you are done.

If you don't have cuffs, you can shoot the cops. But be careful, if you 
kill them, they are going to respawn in 10-20 seconds. If you get lucky 
and/or your aim is good, just shoot them until they drop, but won't die.

3rd and final cop downstairs shouldn't be a problem, unless you are slow 
or you have bad aim.

-=Final Step: Blowing Up the Vault Door=-
This is pretty straightforward. Just interact with the door, select 
"Plant bomb", take a step back, boom! Now you have 10 000 dollars!

-=I Robbed the Bank and I Have All the Money In the World, Now What?=-
Buy drugs, guns, lots of food and drinks, cars or an apartment and decorate 
it. There's not much you can do with the money other than just have it. 
Maybe in the future you can invest it or bet it or play cards or pay bills.
Who knows.

-=Quick Notes and Where Do I Store the Money?=-
* You are going to get lots of cops after you.
* Others want your money.
* If you die while you have the money in your inventory, 
  you are going to lose it all 
* You can't access the ATM while you are wanted 
* If the bank was robbed recently, its not going to have the full 10 000 
  dollars. You might want to wait couple minutes before wasting your bullets 
  and the bomb 
* This was my first guide ever, sorry if it doesn't look good, Steam was 
  being annoying and not working while I was working on this guide. 

[Q] So where do I store the money? I don't want others to steal it. 

[A] Well, I'd say buy the cheapest apartment, get a chest (buy it or steal 
it [risk losing the money]) and place it in your apartment, suicide and now 
you don't have any stars and if you want to, you can go and deposit all the 
money in the ATM. But I'd keep it in your apartment, because if you are 
wanted, you can't access the ATM.

Written by ArcticFox.

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