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  Hints and Tips for: Broken Pieces 
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 Broken Pieces Cheats

Broken Pieces

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fighting Tips:
Here are a few pointers to remember so you know everything there is to know 
about the battles in Broken Pieces.

Take enough time to let Élise aim precisely at an enemy. The accuracy of your 
shot increases the longer you keep the aim button pressed.

-=Positioning in the arena=
Try to avoid standing in the middle of the battle arena. It will be much easier 
for you to manage enemies. If you use your push ability to knock back one enemy, 
the other will also be pushed back if inside the range of the spell.

-=Dodging is the key=-
Try to keep in mind that doding is an essential tool to use during combats as 
it will give you a last resort to avoid a hit, cost free. Do not rush to end an 
enemy and try to keep the dodging mechanism in a corner of your mind.

-=Use your HQ ammo=-
From time to time, it can be usefull to use one or two HQ ammunition if you 
feel that the number of enemy in front of you is too high or if they are using 
a shield as protection.

-=A siesta on a bench=-
Feel free to trade some of your time to restore your life by taking a nap on 
the stone benches you find in Saint-Exil.

-=The wave of energy=-
In very tricky situations, the Repel power can wipe out all of your enemies at 

-=Soda break=-
Remember to have a drink if you are close to a fridge. This will start a process 
of health recovery that will last through passing time, travels and even naps.

The Edges Entrance Locations:
Once the level is finished, it vanishes. In The Edge levels, nothing can be missed. 
When you enter this level, your inventory is empty. At the conclusion of the level, 
you get it back.

-=The Edge #1=-
Location: In the Boismet’s Garden of the Hubhouse level by sunny weather.

-=The Edge #2=-
Location: Near the Georges Workshop of the Church level by sunny weather.

-=The Edge #3=-
Location: In the waterpit of the White Mansion in Lighthouse by sunny weather.

-=The Edge #4=-
Location: At Beach. On the alternate docks through the Panier à Crabes by winter time.

-=The Edge #5=-
Location: At Pointe de Mael by winter time.

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