Brothers In Arms - Hell's Highway Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Brothers In Arms - Hell's Highway 
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 Brothers In Arms - Hell's Highway Cheats

Brothers In Arms - Hell's Highway

Cheat Codes:
Note:The following procedures involves editing a game file. Make sure to 
create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Locate the "DefaultInput.ini"
file in your install folder SumacGameConfig folder. Using Notepad, change the 
following lines: 

[Engine.Console] ConsoleKey= TypeKey= MaxScrollbackSize=1024 HistoryBot=-1 
[Engine.Console] ConsoleKey=TAB TypeKey=TAB MaxScrollbackSize=1024 HistoryBot=-1
While playing, press [TAB] to bring up the console. Type any of the following 
cheat codes. You may need to re-bind any functions that use the TAB key in-game
for this method to work. When you run the game after modifying this file, the 
game may ask if you would like to update your DefaultInput.ini file. 

Code                         Result	
fly                        - Fly Mode
allammo                    - Full Ammo
god                        - God Mode
ghost                      - No Clipping
walk                       - Walk Mode
godall                     - Team God Mode 
killenemies                - Kill Enemies in Range
givedataitem [weapon code] - Spawn indicated weapon

Cheat Codes:
At the main menu, select the "Enter Codes" option. 
Then, enter one of the following codes.

Result                    Code
Bonus online character  - HI9WTPXSUK
Kilroy alert (*)        - SH2VYIVNZF
All recon points        - 0ZNDRBICRA
Unlock all chapters     - GIMMECHAPTERS

(*) The message "You are near a Kilroy" will appear 
when a hidden Kilroy drawing is in your proximity.

Kilroy locations:
Search the indicated locations within a mission to find 
the hidden Kilroy drawings:

- Operation Market
Enter the windmill area, and search the small shed on the right.Enter the
farmhouse as instructed by the objective. Climb upstairs, and enter the 
bathroom. Walk to the window, then turn around to exit to find a Kilroy.
Enter the location where you first control two fire teams before you enter
the glider crash site. Look inside the shed on the right just before you 
cross the road to enter the crash site to find a Kilroy.

- Five-Oh-Sink
After climbing the windmill you will see a woman hanged at a set of barns.
Walk upstairs to the top of that barn. Follow the walkway until you are 
facing towards the west to find a Kilroy on the wall. Go downstairs inside
the manor house, and enter the garden. Continue until you encounter a 
machine gunner shooting on the ground floor, to your left as you exit the
doorway. Turn to the right to find a Kilroy on the wall. After the inter-
mission sequence showing you crossing the river to reach the bridge, look
to the left to see two parked cars and a few upturned rowboats. Go to the
rowboats, and look at the wall next to them to find a Kilroy.

- Written In Stone
Enter the church, and go to the upper floor. Move towards the back of the
church, and look for some wooden walkway planks. After crossing over the 
planks, look to the left to see some alcoves. The Kilroy is in the second 
Get past the barricade, and complete the "Destroy The German Fuel Supply"
objective. You will enter a garden area with some dug in Nazis and a machine
gunner in a window on the top floor of a building. Immediately follow the 
path to the south. When the path turns west, you can find the Kilroy on the
Move up the street from the first gun you destroyed as part of an objective.
Find the building with green canopies on your right. On the left-hand side 
and almost directly opposite is a building with black and white striped 
canopies covering its windows. On the side of this building is a route 
leading west. Go around to the rear of the building, and jump over the 
wall. In the next garden is a Kilroy next to a Lager Bier poster.

- Operation Garden
After you are ordered to secure the ground floor of the starting area, go 
to the hole in the wall where the gun emplacements are located. Move north
through the door to enter a narrow flooded area. Go to the end to find a 
Kilroy on the wall.
After you are given the order to clear the top floor of the warehouse, there
will be an intermission sequence showing you ascending in an elevator. 
Afterwards, go to the doorway to the west. Immediately turn right to face 
north after you enter the doorway. The Kilroy is on the wall.

Authentic Difficulty:
Beat the game on any difficulty to unlock this harder mode.

Written In Stone: Ghost:
You can see the ghost of Legget at the start of the mission, 
screaming at the tank. 

The Rabbit Hole: Ghost:
You can see the ghost of Legget about halfway through the mission, where 
he walks up to a crack in the wall then walks away.

Give Weapons (U.S.):
Use the console code "givedataitem of weapon)"
ex: givedataitem 

Weapon 	   Code
M1 rifle     -
M1 Carbine   -
Tommy gun    -
BAR          -
Bazooka      -
Garand rifle -
M3 Grease    -
M1919A4      -
Thompson gun -

Give Weapons (German):
Use the console code "givedataitem of weapon)"
ex: givedataitem 

Weapon 	    Code
D43          -
K98 rifle    -
MG 42        -
MP40         -
Panzershreck -
STG 44       -
Walther P38  -

Floating man:
In the farm house level, there will be a man in the main room of the farmhouse.
Shoot him with your rifle in the head and he will fly up and stick to the ceiling.

Authentic mode:
Successfully complete Campaign mode under the Casual or Veteran difficulty setting.
In this mode, the HUD is limited and a medal will be awarded each time a level is 

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