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 Bubble Tanks 2 Cheats

Bubble Tanks 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Great training method:
1)Find a bubble with 3 unexplored bubbles next to it (the explored one 
  will be the one you used to get to your current bubble). The bubble 
  should have some fairly powerful enemies.

2)Let them kill you.

3)You will be taken to a bubble next to the one you died in. If you're 
  at a high enough level, it will be full of life carriers, bubble balls,
  and various small enemies. Kill them all, then go to the other 2 bubbles
  next to the one you died in, and kill everything in those 2.

Unless something stupid happens, you should have a lot more bubbles than 
you started out with. For example, I had a fighter #3 tank, and I got up 
to fighter #4 and half way to the next tank doing this.

Ghost sniper:
You need to unlock the tanks while playing in Arena mode to get them in 
Arena mode. Yes, you have to start from the basic tank.
Just create a ton of bubble carriers.

* After I kill the boss, let me move as fast as the fastest tank.
* The heaviest tank's special ability should be more controlled, should 
  shoot at mouse.
* First unlock leach tank then go into areana and put any combo of dead 
  heads, guys, slowers, bubble balls, seeker carrier (if killed by infection
  they dont release rockets), life carriers, and preso! just let one loose 
  and after some time they will all be dead. it's fun to watch and sometimes
  i put a lot of dead heads pretending it's viruses attacked cells it's fun 
  to watch but if theres a lot it might lag but it's still fun to watch. 
* Boss appears to be triggered by max tank size -- just appears about 3 
  battles after you reach.

* Just aimed at the tail (bottom of bubble) forever. Others report similar 

Training method:
A good training method is to go in spirals around your home bubble because 
that way you will be pretty good already when the enemies start attacking 
you, as well as the fact that you will probably cream them too.

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