Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition 
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 Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition Cheats

Cricket 97 Ashes Tour Edition

Cheat Codes:
From Yasser Ramzan ,Qatar

Press [Space] to pause game play. Enter one of the following codes to
activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Code   Effect
121  - View duck on jumbotron
321  - Low gravity
323  - Run faster
131  - Ball is hit harder, bonus runs with each hit

Type "321" after pressing spacebar during the game. This code will turn the
Low gravity on effect. With this we can hit sixes and fours easily.

Submitted by: Priyank Singhal

Pause a game while batting and type "131" and then you will start hitting 4's
and 6's every ball. Be sure not to do this while an opposition bats, or else 
you will be smothered for runs.

Submitted by: Thampuran
E-mail :

Pause the game by pressing space bar and enter the code 323. Then you will see 
a message 'Warpspeed Captain on!'. By activating this cheat, every action in the
game takes place with a lightning speed.

Code: 121
Type 121 while playing the game or while the game is paused. 
Then you will see the Duck walking fullscreen. 
This is only a funny cheat, not in anyway useful for the game.

Submitted by: Chandra Kant Dixit

While playing press the Spacebar to pause the game and enter a code below.

321 - toggle low gravity on/off

Submitted by: Aniket Tendolkar

Pause the game pressing space then type 111. A message will appear "The dynamite 
is ready". When you get bowled out your stumps blast like a bomb.
(This works only while YOU are batting.)

[After pressing space bar]

Submitted by: A.Bisset

Type 131 (after pausing the game)and you will see a message 'Somebody ate their 
weeties'. All your aggressive shot will go for six or fours.

Submitted by: Aniket tendolkar

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