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 Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2006 Season Cheats

Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2006 Season

Submitted by: Haspa

Enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the cheat function.

Result                                             Code 
Set world detail; 0 is maximum detail            - Mod_ctbmul   
Unlock indicated career mode mission             - Mod_givemission   
Free items in backpack                           - Mod_autoequip  
Set fog color in RGB format                      - Mod_fogcolor <0-255 0-255 0255>  
Spawn indicated animal                           - Mod_spawnanimal   
Play narration for current level                 - Mod_playvoice  
Skip to next mission                             - Mod_endmission  
Teleport to random animal                        - Mod_gotoanimal  
Get indicated amount of money                    - Mod_needmoney   
Toggle camera follow random animal               - Mod_animalcam <0 or 1>  
Set amount of fatigue; 0 is 100%                 - Mod_settiredness   
Set amount of hunger; 0 is 100%                  - Mod_sethunger   
Set amount of thirst; 0 is 100%                  - Mod_setthirst   
Set time in hours and minutes                    - Mod_settime <0-23> <00-59>  
Teleports to indicated point in level            - Mod_movetoent   
Teleport to indicated coordinates                - Mod_movetopos   
Teleport to vehicle                              - Mod_movetocar  
Shoot weapon to teleport destination, then 
enable code.                                     - Mod_teleporthere 
Toggle display of current map and coordinates    - Mod_bspandpos <0 or 1>  
5 is no damage; 0 is head damage; 1 is right 
arm; 2 is left arm;3 is right leg; 4 is left leg - Mod_damagepart <0 to 5>  
Displays player's current condition and credits  - Mod_showatrval <0 or 1>  
Toggle winning current tournament                - Mod_endtournament <0 or 1>  
Toggle bullet movement control                   - Mod_bulletguide <0 or 1>  
Set fog amount; negative numbers increase fog    - Mod_fogstart  
Toggle animal movement                           - Mod_animalfreeze <0 or 1>  
Toggle third person view                         - Mod_force3rd <0 or 1>  
Unlock all items at store                        - Cheat_availableitems  
Unlock all quick hunt mode sub regions when code 
is used in career mode                           - Cheat_finishcareerflag 
Get indicated item for free                      - Mod_buyitem   
Load indicated single player map                 - Spmap   
Animals cannot move or attack                    - Aidisableact <0 or 1>  
Annimals cannot attack                           - Aidisablethink <0 or 1>  
Display version                                  - Appversion  
Quit game                                        - Exit 
Display most console commands                    - Help

Unknown                                          - Mod_sspd   
Unknown                                          - Mod_tspd   
Unknown                                          - Mod_hspd   
Unknown                                          - Cheat_skilldone 
Unknown                                          - Cheat_trophyhorns   
Unknown                                          - Mod_fogend   
Unknown                                          - Mod_jumpon   
Unknown                                          - Mod_freecam   
Unknown                                          - Mod_stealthmode   
Unknown                                          - Mod_showatr  
Unknown                                          - Mod_playermodel   
Unknown                                          - Mod_killanimal  
Unknown                                          - Mod_setsoundstealth   
Unknown                                          - Mod_setsmellstealth   
Unknown                                          - Mod_setvisualstealth   
Unknown                                          - Mod_botcam   
Unknown                                          - Mod_tagcheck <0 or 1>  
Unknown                                          - Mod_movetospawn   

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