Cabela's Big Game Hunter Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Cabela's Big Game Hunter 
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 Cabela's Big Game Hunter Cheats

Cabela's Big Game Hunter

Cheat Codes:
Begin game play, and switch to the wilderness tracking view. Press 
[Ctrl]+[Enter] then press [Ctrl]+[Enter] again. A message will confirm
correct code entry. To activate the remaining codes, press [Ctrl]+
[Enter] during game play. Type one of the following cheats.

Effect                           Screen       Code 	
Additional $1,000               - Any       - coupon
Advance to indicated stand      - Any       - stand [number]
Advance to next stand           - Any       - nextstand
Display animal as green map dot - Any       - thereitis
Full health                     - Any       - tonic
Remove selected animal          - Any       - destroy
Teleport to map location        - Map       - getthere
Teleport to practice range      - Any       - popup
Toggle rain intensity           - Any       - sprinkle
Toggle snow                     - Any       - flurries
Toggle time                     - Any       - cuckoo
Successful kill                 - Video     - mytrophy
Display hunter position on map  - Map       - hereiam
Display kill spots              - Video     - bullseye
Display offset setting          - Sighting  - offset

Animal Calls 
Use the same animal call three times back to back and the animal
you called will appear somewhere in the hunting area. 

Easy Kill 
To get an easy kill just sit there until your hunter friend says
something like "did you hear something in the bushes" then wait 5
minutes and a little cross thing should come up and you should be
able to shoot the animal you are hunting.

Free Equipment 
Start a new game, go to the outfitter and select your equipment. Now
go to the menu and save your equipment. Start another new game and 
buy your tags. When you get to the field, go to the menu, choose LOAD
EQUIPMENT and choose the items you saved. 

Quick Kill 
Go to your hunting spot. Use the correct animal call a couple of 
times until you here your modem make a loading noise, (like something
is loading on your computer). Now call again. Look around and see if 
the crosshairs appear. Repeat until you kill an animal.

Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two to hear
music and wildlife sounds from the game.

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